Workshop #4 The Prospect's Story – The Sales Street Journal

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Salespeople have finally learned to ask questions. The problem is they don’t listen to the answer and start presenting solutions. Salespeople say they care, but their actions don’t align with words.

Key emotional intelligence traits found in top salespeople are empathy and critical thinking skills. These two traits result in better qualification of prospects and better solutions for prospects and customers. The outcome: More wins and repeat business.


  • Understand the difference between asking questions and critical thinking skills. The first results in conversation, the second results in conversion.
  • Increase close ratios 50% by asking smart impact questions.
  • Eliminate price objections by quantify the cost of the problem or opportunity. Better qualify or disqualify opportunities and eliminate practice proposals.
  • Improve impulse control and stop presenting solutions too soon.
  • Learn the power of empathy in connecting and building a relationship with the prospect.

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