Workshop #3 Managing Expectations – ‘Teeing Up’ the Sales Meeting

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Many sales training firms live by the mantra "Buyers Are Liars." Ei Selling doesn’t subscribe to that mantra or thinking.

Buyers are just tired of high-pressure salespeople who are still taught to overcome the objection three times and never take no for an answer. In this workshop, participants will learn the most powerful selling and influence skill: giving prospects the option to say no


  • Learn the psychology and skill behind giving prospects control and choice.
  • Set clear next steps with prospects and get out of chase mode. 
  • Bring up potential roadblocks that lead to prospect fall out at the end of the sales cycle. 
  • Practice delayed gratification and understand that closing is a process, not an event.
  • Create a trusted advisor meeting vs. a vendor meeting by improving interpersonal skills. 

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