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Consultative Sales Training

Ei Selling® - Emotional Intelligence and Consultative Sales Training
SalesLeadership is in the business of creating disciplined, focused, and professional sales teams. Our clients won’t and don’t settle for mediocrity.

SalesLeadership’s powerful Ei Selling® system helps sales teams eliminate empty sales pipelines, sell on value, not price, and hold sales conversations at the right level in the organizations. We know that soft skills produce hard sales results.

Top salespeople know how to read their prospects, develop relationships and most importantly, manage themselves and their actions. Ei Selling® combines emotional intelligence skills and consultative selling skills. Product knowledge is a commodity. People knowledge is priceless. Click here for more information about sales training workshops.

Soft Skills Produce Big Results "When you work with Colleen Stanley, you quickly learn that her innovative approach to sales training is a compelling blend of emotional intelligence concepts, social and neuroscience lessons, and time-tested sales practices. With her help, our sales representatives improved their ability to capture valuable customer relationships through the use of the "soft skills" that produce big results. If you are sales person, manager or leader looking to build your Sales IQ, deepen client relationships, and drive business results, you owe it to yourself to make Colleen Stanley part of your team." John V. Miller, Former Director of Sales, Training and Development, First American Title National Commercial Services, Denver, CO

Sales Management Training

SalesLeadership speaker presentationEi Sales Management® - 'Take The Lead'
You’ve heard this story before Top salesperson gets promoted to sales management and is frustrated by their ability to duplicate themselves or top performers. The skills that got them promoted are entirely different than the skills needed to hire, lead and develop a sales team.

Here are some of the common challenges we hear AND solve for sales managers:

  • Not sure how to interview for true winners. The person at the interview didn’t show up for work. (That dog don’t hunt.)
  • No formal sales process in place so you are coaching 20 different playbooks
  • Not sure how to hire top sales talent. Too much turnover---hiring good interviewer not good salesperson...
  • No formal sales process in place so you are coaching 20 different playbooks---which you can't...
  • Missing sales forecast and reporting to an unhappy CEO...
  • Not sure how to transfer the skills that made you a top producer...
  • Tired of giving feedback that is met with defensiveness and excuses...
  • Desire to build a sales team that is highly competitive and collaborative...

Click here for more information about sales management training. If you're ready for strategies specific to your organization, please call 303-708-1128 or email SalesLeadership today.

SalesLeadership Helped Make Us Smarter and Better with Regards to Client Attraction and Engagement"We had a fairly developed sales process as a professional service provider and consulting firm, however, knew we were lacking some of the tools to ensure continued growth. Within the span of one year Colleen and the SalesLeadership team helped us to create a standardized Sales Playbook with new and exciting resources that have made us both smarter and better at leveraging our effectiveness with regards to client attraction and engagement. This combined with the Ei Selling® Boot Camp training for all of our sales staff has provided a common platform, language, and invaluable tools to assure alignment as we grow from a $15M to $25M+ company." Eric Amhaus, Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Pie Consulting & Engineering, Denver, CO