Workshop #6 Decision Tree – How and Why Companies Make Decisions

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Strategies and techniques are covered to identify decision makers, decision criteria and the decision process. The focus of this qualifying step is uncovering key decision makers, and how the person and/or company buys.

Salespeople waste precious time talking to non-decision makers who can say no, but can’t say yes. 


  • Discover how your 'buying style' can be an obstacle in closing business.  
  • Stop meeting with non-decision makers. Build a strategy to uncover and meet all buying influences.
  • Create customized value propositions for each buying influence.
  • Know how to deal with absentee decision makers by working with an inside sponsor.
  • Learn how to sell at the C-suite.
  • Understand the three major phases of decision making and how to adapt questions and sales approach.
  • Learn how to identify prospect’s personality style and their key decision criteria.

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