June 3

Why Self-Leadership Is Essential For Effective Sales Leadership


A great question for all of us to ask if we are in a sales leadership role is: How can a person possibly lead a sales team if he or she cannot lead themselves? The short answer is you can’t. Sales leadership begins and ends with self-leadership.

Self-leadership requires a healthy dose of self-awareness.

It starts with being aware of how you show up to each and every conversation you hold with members of your sales team.

A glaring lack of self-awareness among sales managers is not being fully present when conducting one-on-one coaching meetings or group sales meetings. The research is pretty clear that human beings cannot multi-task. However, many sales managers continue to engage in multi-tasking behaviors. Then they are confused as why their sales teams aren’t improving. They wonder why they aren’t building real relationships or trust with members of their team. The reason:

Self-leadership in action

No one feels important or recognized when you aren’t paying attention. No one feels like following a leader that isn’t paying attention.

The unaware sales leader isn’t able to manage their impulse control and desire to be connected 24/7. She or he makes sure that cell phones and/or tablets are always in a direct line of sight. They fear they might miss a message or text---even when conducting a one-on-one coaching session or running a group sales meeting.

Time to call out this non-effective leadership behavior for what it is.

It’s disrespectful. AND….

It’s poor SELF-leadership.

A small electronic device commands more attention than a live human being in front of you. A human being that is for connection, coaching or advice.

Does that really make any sense to anyone?

Author and investor Ben Parr says it best. “The greatest “masters of attention” create a sense of community with their audience, because humans have an innate desire to be recognized.”

Your salespeople are human beings with that same desire to be heard, seen and recognized.

SELF-leadership. If you can’t lead yourself, if you can’t manage your fear of missing out, how can you lead and manage a sales team?

SELF-leadership precedes sales leadership. Be self-aware and other aware in every conversation you hold with each member of your sales team. This type of leadership behavior builds trust, creates a strong sales community and sales results.

Good Selling!


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