June 27, 2019

Who Are Your Sales Vagabonds?

What do Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Warren Harding, Thomas Edison and Luther Burbank have in common — besides being highly successful and accomplished individuals? These very smart people were part of a mastermind group they called the Vagabonds. The title came from their many road trips, where they came together to discuss new ideas and ventures. Their successes and accomplishments speak for themselves.

How many of you have a group of Vagabonds, people that you regularly meet with to share ideas, debate new approaches to business and help one another improve? Sales managers and salespeople can have a tendency to be lone rangers — it’s one reason they are successful. They are self-directed, confident in their decisions and take actions.

But like so many things in life, a strength can become a weakness. Many people take time to slow down and invest time in relationships, thinking and discussion — they have things to do! They’re caught up in what the late Stephen Covey coined the “tyranny of the urgent.”

Slow down and think about what a strong mastermind group can provide. I belong to two mastermind groups, and here are the benefits I’ve received:

  1. New perspectives. It’s the forest-for-the-trees syndrome that happens to all of us. I’ve had more than one “duh” moment when meeting with one my very smart vagabonds. For example, I was asking one of my colleagues how to present a concept without appearing self-centered. Her reply, “If you are sharing the information for the higher good of mankind, then your intent is good as will be your message.” Great advice that I needed to hear.
  2. You can’t be good at everything, but there is usually someone in your mastermind group that is. A member of my mastermind group is a tech whiz. She is generous in providing resources and insights about tools for marketing or online learning.
  3. Kick butt. Like many people that want to write a book, I kept putting off this project. My kick-butt colleague wouldn’t accept my excuses about being too busy and introduced me to a major publishing company. The rest is history. My first book has been published in six languages and my next book, “Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership”, will launch in May 2020. Without my kick-butt colleague, I’d probably be talking about that book I’m going to write.

Who’s your team of Vagabonds? How many of you are using the excuse that you are too busy to belong to a mastermind group? Remember, your best thinking is what got you to where you are—but will it get you to where you need to go? 

Good Selling!

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