October 18

What Selling Behaviors Would Change If …


Sales managers, CEOs and sales consultants always are looking for new and better ways to improve sales results. But sometimes the key to improving sales results is simple and can be accomplished by asking and answering the questions below.

Question #1: What selling behaviors would change…..

If every salesperson on your team had a full, qualified pipeline.

Sales managers invest a lot of time teaching their sales team how to sell on value to eliminate getting stuck in the “what’s your price” sales conversation.

And yet, they still see way too many members of their sales team continue to discount. 

Time to work on the right end of the sales problem.  Focus your coaching time and efforts on helping salespeople improve their business development skills.

When a salesperson has a big sales pipeline, they show up relaxed and confident.

The temptation to discount decreases dramatically when a salesperson has a full, qualified sales pipeline. When the prospect asks, “Is this your best price, the salesperson responds with a confident yes.”  (And is thinking why would I discount when I have 20 other qualified opportunities?)

Question #2:  What selling behaviors would change…..

If every salesperson on your team acted as if they were the company CEO each and every day.

At your next sales meeting, give each salesperson real money or Monopoly money and ask them to determine where they would invest the money at “their” company. Would they invest in technology, marketing or people?  Next, ask what steps they would take to ensure they were getting a return on their investment of dollars.

You will start hearing answers such as, “Well, I would put measurements in place to make sure we are on track to achieve our goals. Metrics would be established to make sure we are achieving specific milestones.

Now, you will see light bulbs turning on. You will hear and see a different attitude.

Your sales team will recognize that their behavior is the same as when a CEO or sales manager is reviewing the sales pipeline or sales activity plan. It’s not micro-management.

It’s good money management!  Smart people establish metrics and measurements to make sure they are on track to achieve goals. 

What selling behaviors and sales results would change if your sales team had a full sales pipeline and showed up every day thinking and acting like a CEO?

Good Selling!


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