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Unlocking the Secret To Making Change Easier For Your Sales Team


What’s the secret to making change easier for your sales team to adopt and embrace? The secret is recognizing that sales management is change management. Everyone has heard a story about a company no longer in business because they failed to make necessary changes to meet the demands of a changing customer and business environment. Anyone remember Blockbuster Videos?   

We admire businesses that innovate and make changes to be competitive.

We know change is important. It’s a predictable part of life.

However, human beings are often slow to embrace change--even with logical reasons for change.

Sales management is change management.

Cal Newport is the author of the book, Deep Work. In his book, he shares thought provoking insights on how to be a winner in the new economy. 

secret to making change easier

In an ever-changing business environment, it’s critical that sales managers teach their salespeople how to master the hard things. And mastering those things requires the ability to change.  

It’s tempting just to tell your sales team to “suck it up and buck up.” This is life in the fast lane.

Note: I’ve found that approach doesn’t’ work very well.  

Unlock the Secret to Making Change Easier

Instead, educate your sales team on why human beings are resistant to change, even when all logic points to the need to change.  

Start by giving your sales team a high-level tour of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is the logical, rational part of the brain. This part of your brain knows and understands why change is important and necessary.  

However, the amygdala, the survival part of a person’s brain, is not logical or rational. And it can override logical thinking. The amygdala’s main job is to keep human beings safe and it doesn’t like change.

Change looks like a threat. It’s new, different and possibly risky. The survival part of the brain creates fight or flight responses in human beings, your salespeople. These messages discourage change.    

  • You have never done this before---you could fail.

         ➡️ Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Maybe this change isn’t worth the investment of time.

         ➡️ Why bother? Just wait it out.

  • Do you really have the ability to do this?

         ➡️ Play it safe, keep your head down.

  • You might look or sound stupid if you try new selling skills.

         ➡️Use your old sales approach. You’ll still close “some business”

Unlock the Secret to Making Change Easier

Educate and enlighten your team as to why they resist change. When they understand the why, they are more likely to engage in the how of making necessary changes.  

Here’s an awareness exercise to help your sales team discover that they are actually pretty good at change. They’ve mastered change before in their lives.

At your next group sales meeting, ask your sales team to write down five changes that they’ve made in their personal and professional lives in the last five years. You’ll probably hear, “I learned how to become good at virtual selling.”

Next, ask your sales team the following questions:  

  1. What steps or resources did you take to make the change? Could you take similar steps to master this “change?”
  2. Did you execute the “change” perfectly the first time? If no, is there a possibility you might have to try a few times with this new “change?”  
  3. How long did it take before you gained mastery? With this latest change, are you looking for perfection, or progress?  

These coaching questions remind your sales team they have a process for making change. They’ve succeeded at making changes and can do it again.   

Remember, sales management is change management. Lead your sales team through change and you will lead your industry in sales revenue.

Good Selling!


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