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Soft (EQ) Skills Produce Hard Sales Results

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Leverage Proven EQ Skills to Accelerate Consistent Sales Results

Sadly, most sales organizations are still running into the same issues as 20 years ago. (Anyone still trying to teach your sales team to sell value, not price?)

Research shows that improved EQ skills such as self-awareness, empathy and impulse control directly correlate with increased sales results.

Emotional intelligence in sales is a critical, yet often overlooked component. Emotionally intelligent sales teams win more business because they know how to manage their emotions, connect with people at a deeper level and bounce back from adversity.

In her highly engaging keynotes and virtual speaking programs, top sales keynote speaker Colleen Stanley shares the importance of integrating Sales EQ and IQ into a company’s sales and sales leadership processes. Your team will learn new and actionable insights on how to leverage soft skills to produce hard sales results.

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Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

The reality is we live in the information age, however, are still running into the same challenges we did 25 years ago in sales. It’s time for a new perspective, it’s time to learn and leverage the power of emotional intelligence in sales.

Based on Colleen’s best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success, this enlightening and entertaining keynote takes a deep dive in helping participants understand how soft skills, EQ skills, produce hard sales results.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Emotion Management: Stop the trigger-response-regret loop. Avoid defaulting to fight or flight responses in difficult sales conversations. Discover how salespeople conduct sales conversation that create fight or flight responses in prospects and customers.
  • Emotional Self-Awareness: Discover how this mega skill impacts sales results. ‘That which you are not aware of you cannot change.’ Stop running on the sales treadmill—to nowhere.
  • Empathy: Elevate the sales conversation by tuning into the real sales conversation, the one that is often not being verbalized. Stop holding generic, superficial conversations with prospects and clients. Develop the deep connection skills that result in real conversations and real sales results.
  • Execution: Build sales teams that are resilient, responsible and consistently generate revenue.
"We serve an educated and progressive audience that demands a lot from our speakers. Colleen Stanley delivered an innovative and thought-provoking presentation to our CEOs. In fact, we plan to continue our partnership and work more with SalesLeadership in the coming year."

Magdalena Pielak 

Corporate Projects Director | Harvard Business Review, Poland

Emotional Intelligence For Sales Management Success

Sales organizations are under more pressure, change and competition than ever before. The pandemic upended how sales teams went to market, where they worked, and how they worked.

And more changes are on the horizon.

This business environment requires strong sales leadership.

This business environment requires emotionally intelligent sales leadership because emotionally intelligent sales cultures are resilient cultures. They win business regardless of external circumstances.  

Key Learning Objectives

  • Create sales cultures that embrace feedback. Eliminate defensive behaviors during coaching sessions. Develop sales teams that fail fast, fail well and immediately apply valuable lessons learned.
  • Increase the speed by which your sales team adapts and flexes to change. Avoid the curse of comfort zones and good enough zones.  
  • Improve your sales team's ability to demonstrate the powerful influence skill of empathy.
  • Emotionally connect with prospects and customers and accelerate trust and sales results.
  • Build your sales teams resiliency muscles. Stop being paralyzed by setbacks and adversity.
"Emotional intelligence is an extremely relevant topic. Colleen is THE expert in showing the importance of EQ as it relates to sales. Her energy and stage presence helps to inspire, energize and motivate people, ensuring they reflect and take action. Colleen has really been a pleasure to partner with on both our webcasts and live events, regularly receiving great feedback from attendees. In running the Sales Thought Leadership Program at Salesforce, I get to work with many great speakers and Colleen always is front-of-mind to work with more."

Tim Clarke

Director Product Marketing | Salesforce

How to Build Resilient Teams and Resilient Revenues 

The rapid pace of change in business can be overwhelming for sales professionals. Just when they’ve overcome a new selling challenge or change, another one appears on the horizon. It’s increasingly important for leaders to develop resilient sales teams that are able to meet current and future challenges head-on, while generating strong financial returns.

This sales keynote isn’t about teaching more hard skills, consultative selling skills. It’s about developing the soft skill, the EQ skill of resiliency.

Colleen Stanley is the world’s leading expert on emotional intelligence and sales. Her approach is thought provoking, pragmatic and always accompanied with a healthy dose of humor.

At the end of this keynote, participants will walk away with proven strategies for bouncing back, forward and through tough times.  

Key Learning Objectives

  • Improve your ability to manage stress to avoid burning out and dropping out.
  • Discover the power of perspective in overcoming obstacles. 
  • Increase productivity and creativity, even in tough times.
  • Build a community. You don't have to go it alone.

Don't Settle for Old Paradigms & Outdated Approaches

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