November 4

Seven Ways To Sabotage Sales Success


You have to wonder why so many salespeople are not achieving quota when there is a boatload of information “out there” informing salespeople how to be successful in life, business and sales.

It’s not lack of knowledge that holds salespeople back. It’s often sabotaging behaviors that impact their success. Here are seven that I’ve observed from being a former Vice President of Sales and working with hundreds of sales teams.

#1:  Accept a sales position with a company that sells a product or service that you don’t believe adds value to prospects or customers. Your lack of conviction will shine like a spotlight during a sales call and move the prospect to a quick no thank you.

#2:  Hand over your sales success to your company. Only read or listen to books provided by the company. Never pay for your own sales training. Sign up for a course but only if the company pays for it.  Wait for other people to take action to make you wildly successful. 

#3:  Complain. A lot.  Make a list of all the resources you don’t have and look at that list every day. “We don’t have good marketing. Our CRM tool is outdated. Our competition has better branding. Our prices are too high. The other departments keep screwing up.” Focus all your energy on what you don’t have versus on what you do have.  

#4:  Join the naysayers and excuse makers club. The membership is free and the participation easy. It consists of finger pointing and blaming. And here is the really good news. None of the other members expect you to come up with a solution to the problem. You simply get to whine!  

#5:  Get defensive when your boss or a peer provides feedback.  People will learn that you are a little prickly and stop giving you feedback. Finally, you get to settle into a “good enough” sales life.

#6:  Stay up late and wake up late. Start your day hurried and harried. Don’t take time to reflect on how you want to show up to your colleagues, prospects and customers. Repeat this behavior until you are stressed out and burned out.

#7:  Give into fear and let it control your life.  Avoid any situation where you could fail. Play it safe and avoid any type of risk. Get comfortable in your never changing comfort zone.

There you have it.  Seven surefire ways to sabotage your success. 

Now, if you want to ensure surefire sales success, put the word DON’T in front of each of the above points. 

You choose.

Good Selling!


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