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Self-Awareness and Effective Sales Management

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Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a self-aware sales leader. To further improve, you may want to apply one or all of the suggested strategies (check your email).

  • You are good at self-care and personal development. However, good may not be good enough to achieve your personal and professional goals. Identify when and where you are over-scheduling yourself and why. Is it your inability to say no? Is it because you don't "calendar block" at the beginning of each week? Find an accountability partner that will keep you accountable to scheduling time for yourself. 
  • You are generally fully present in conversations and meetings. However, you may still experience times where you are partially present. Before you begin any conversation, remove distractions. Create a conducive environment for being present. (Discipline is overrated, so set yourself up for success.) Eliminate anything that rings, dings or alerts. Decide to be present.
  • You are doing an excellent job of demonstrating accountability and responsibility. However, occasionally you might fall into "Yeah but" reactions or excuse-making. Identify when and where you start giving excuses versus owning up to a mistake. Continue to carve out quiet time to reflect and plan better responses in the future. 
  • You are good at remaining centered. However, you may still have people, places, or situations that emotionally trigger you to default to fight or flight responses. When you find yourself getting emotionally triggered, take a deep breath. Stop and ask yourself what story you are telling yourself that creates negative emotions. Ask the powerful question, "What else could be true?" Change the story, and you change the emotional response.

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