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Self-Awareness and Effective Sales Management

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You have room for improvement in developing your self-awareness. Apply one or all of the strategies below to make progress on self-awareness.

  • Carve out 5 to ten minutes every day for reflection and introspection. Start the day by checking in with yourself before you check into email, texts, and alerts. You can also use this time to identify emotional triggers that cause you to respond in a manner you later regret in your role as a sales leader. E.g., Giving advice too soon, impatience, judgement.
  • Schedule 15 minutes each day for proactive learning. Identify a topic that will make you a better sales leader. Seek out wisdom from other leaders inside or outside your organization. 
  • When meeting with your sales team, make a decision to be fully present. Allow time in your schedule to wrap up a prior meeting and prepare for the next meeting. Eliminate distractions that decrease deeper conversations such as alerts, beeps, emails, texts. Make a conscious decision as to where you want to be. 
  • When you make a mistake---which you will---watch your emotional response. Own up to the mistake quickly, with no excuses. This behavior builds trust and models to your sales team that failure is okay. Making excuses is not.

Check your email for a detail breakdown of your results and strategies to improve your self-awareness to become a more effective sales manager.

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