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Self-Awareness and Effective Sales Management

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Self-Aware Sales Leader

Give yourself a pat on the back. You are a self-aware sales leader! You are taking care of yourself, which allows you to provide better care and leadership to others.

  • You are practicing good productivity habits by scheduling time for thinking and exercise. Your good sleep habits help you show up each day recharged and refreshed. 
  • You’ve developed the habit of learning and improvement, which serves you well in a constantly changing world. Teach this habit of learning to your team by creating book clubs. Assign TED talks for your sales team to review and share learnings at the next group sales meeting. 
  • You are also doing an excellent job of demonstrating accountability and ownership. Teach your team that it’s okay to make mistakes and equally important to “own” their part in any failures. This leadership behavior builds trust and shows your sales team that you are a human being and that human beings make mistakes. 
  • You remain calm and centered, even in difficult conversations. This behavior is a key leadership trait because it keeps your sales team from wondering which personality will show up that day in a meeting. They know they can rely on you to listen before you speak.

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