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How Does Lack of Emotional Intelligence Skills Impact Sales Results?

Thousands of dollars are invested in sales training each year. And often there is a gap in learning and execution of skills in the real world. Well-intentioned sales managers invest hours in training sales skills. However, lack of sales results isn’t always tied just to selling skills.

The truth is, poor sales performance is commonly caused by low emotional intelligence skills. 

At SalesLeadership, our virtual instructor led and in person sales workshops and training programs focus on equipping your sales team with the hard and soft selling skills required to consistently achieve phenomenal sales results.

Did You Know?


Salespeople Outsell

their Peers by


Source: Reported by MetLife

American Express  



Source: Reported by American Express

The key difference between

star sales performers & average performers is

the level of emotional intelligence

Source: Goleman, WEI, cf.Jacobs and Chen, 1997

The US Air Force reported a

92% increase

in retention rates after training recruiters on EI traits

Source: 1996 US Air Force study

Integrating EQ and IQ Selling Skills to Consistently Achieve Phenomenal Sales Results

In a business climate where prospects are overwhelmed, have lower trust, are risk avoidant and will not buy from a salesperson that cannot quickly demonstrate they understand their business and goals - our sales training gives your team the emotional intelligence skills (Sales EQ) and consultative selling skills (Sales IQ) they need to win business in today's "new normal".


  • Self Awareness
  • Empathy

Managing Expectations

  • Reality Testng



  • Impulse Control



  • Self Regard
  • Problem Solving


  • Emotion  MGMT

Solution Alignment

  • Problem Solving
  • Flexibility

What You Will Learn

Set Your Sales Team Up For Success

The success of your sales team directly impacts the overall success of your organization. Equip your sales team with the tools they need to consistently achieve phenomenal sales results.


The ability to respect and accept yourself as basically good

If a salesperson doesn’t think they are of high value, why would a prospect? Low self-regard can also affect the resiliency and bounce back factor after hearing no or losing a deal. Instead of moving on and up, the less resilient salesperson takes rejection personally and resists doing the activities necessary for sales success.

Impulse Control

he ability to wait in order to obtain something that one wants

A salesperson scoring low in this area gets easily frustrated if their business development plan doesn’t yield immediate results. As a result, they quickly give up doing the sales activity necessary to open up new opportunities.


The ability to express feelings & beliefs openly and stand up for personal rights

Lack of assertiveness can shows up in the salesperson’s ability to set and get agreements. They are not able to get a meeting with all the buying influences or they end up in ‘chase mode’ because they have not clearly defined and gained agreement to the next step of the sales process.


Tuning into what, how and why people feel and think the way they do

A salesperson scoring high in this area senses the dynamics occurring during a sales call and has the ability to adapt and adjust. They pick up on the non-verbal cues of that comprise almost 90% of true communication. Empathetic salespeople have the ability to step into the shoes of their prospects and customers which enhances connectivity and chemistry.

Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative selling skills continue to be very important in building a high performance sales team. SalesLeadership’s trainers are experts at teaching high-level influence and selling skills.

Our instructors practice what they preach. They aren’t just platform trainers, teaching from a manual. They are prospecting, meeting with prospects and closing business. Here are the common selling challenges we hear and eliminate:

  • Price Objections: Is your team meeting with the right profile? Do they know how to quantify the cost of the problem or opportunity? There is also a new competitor in the market place: doing nothing.
  • Ineffective Prospecting: A strong business development plan is diversified and time is invested where there is the biggest return on investment. Today’s sales professional must be proficient at building referral partnerships, sales 2.0 tools, public relations, marketing, email prospecting, speaking, and the list goes on.
  • Differentiating from the Competitor: People buy emotionally, not logically. If you’re still selling features, advantages and benefits, STOP. If your prospect hears the same story from everyone, you simply sound like a commodity, i.e. you have good service, deep bench of expertise and been in business 20 years. And the last time we checked, prospects don’t pay much for a commodity.
  • Chase Mode: This is when salespeople are leaving voicemail messages and emails with no return phone call … even after the prospect told him/her to follow-up in two weeks.


What They Are Saying

"I attended SalesLeadership's Take the Lead Management Program early in my career as a manager and my sales team is running 120% ahead of plan. Their unique approach in teaching sales managers the emotional intelligence skills needed to lead a sales team combined with solid coaching skills is a game changer. Thanks to SalesLeadership for the education gained from this program and the impact it had on me as a leader."

Jennifer Russart

"The time we have spent with SalesLeadership talking through our approach, clarifying our sales plan and strategy and generally talking about how to handle objections and position vs. the competition, have been extremely valuable for us –- I can count a number of times that getting their counsel helped us land the deal, and we have changed processes here when approaching potential bidders for our clients that have significantly increased our effectiveness. So, all in all, I would give SalesLeadership a 10 – truly business impacting for us."

Chris Younger


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