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Master the Complete Set of Skills Required to Consistently Achieve Phenomenal Sales Results

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Open Enrollment Sales Training

Enhance Your Soft Skills & Hard Skills to Achieve Consistent Results

Most companies invest thousands of dollars each year in the hopes that their sales team will learn the skills they need to effectively produce sustainable sales results. The problem is simply focusing on learning "selling skills” rarely delivers.

The reality is, most sales training does not incorporate the necessary soft skills required to excel. When a sales team struggles with low emotional intelligence they have a very difficult time successfully executing the hard selling skills they’ve been taught.

SalesLeadership, Inc. understands how critical emotional intelligence is to sales success. which is why our training programs deliver the strategies required to enhance your soft sales skills proven to achieve hard results.

Don't Ignore the Knowing vs. Doing Skills Gap

Most Sales Training Miss the Mark Teaching How to Execute Critical Sales Strategies

 This "knowing vs. doing" gap leads to these all to common sales problems:

  • Discounting and getting price shopped
  • Selling too small of deals
  • Not talking to the decision maker(s)
  • Low on resiliency
  • Inconsistent prospecting activity
  • Ineffective listening skills
  • Spending hours on unqualified proposals
  • Poor at building likeability factor

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Grow Your Emotional Intelligence & Consultative Selling Skills

This powerful program teaches you how to sell virtually, in a business climate where prospects are overwhelmed, have lower trust, are risk avoidant and will not buy from a salesperson that cannot quickly demonstrate they understand their business and goals.

Sell Value, Not Price

People buy emotionally, not logically. If you’re still selling features, advantages and benefits, STOP.  This selling approach immediately sets you up to sound like a commodity. Instead, learn to create value propositions that emotionally connect with your prospects to create a clearly articulate your value and set you apart from your competition. 

Eliminate Product Dumping

Salespeople default to product dumping because there isn’t an established discovery methodology established at the company. As a result, salespeople talk too much and present ineffective solutions too soon. We teach salespeople powerful Sales EQ and IQ questions that create partnership conversations, not vendor conversations. The result: Increased sales.

Increase Assertiveness

A salesperson that lacks assertiveness struggles with getting and setting agreements. They either end up in ‘chase mode’ because they have not clearly defined and gained agreement to the next step of the sales process. Or they fail to meet with all the buying influences, and end up working with a decision maker who can say no, but can’t write a check.

Build Empathy

People with a high degree of empathy are able to tune  into what, how and why others feel and think the way they do. Empathetic salespeople have the ability to step into the shoes of their prospects and customers which accelerates trust and closed business.


What They Are Saying...

I can't recommend SalesLeadership enough!

"The first time I sent my sales team to this sales training workshop, we went from $5 million a year to $20 million a year. Guess what...I didn't need any help justifying this investment to our board! If you are in sales, and you can't figure out why the whole process feels gross, inauthentic, and less effective than it was 10 years ago, then your answer waits at this workshop."

Aaron Owens

Tech Strategist, Intelligent Demand

I am having the best year attributing much to leveraging the Ei Sales principles!

"I have been selling technology consulting services for some time. Attending the SalesLeadership training helped me identify those "emotional" triggers in client conversations. It has particularly assisted me in avoiding practice proposals for clients that were NOT going to engage. I now ensure that each client conversation includes curious questions & stories. This approach helps validate both our value and fit for the clients who WILL engage. It has made me much more efficient, enabling a significant increase in the number of consulting engagements over prior years and more successful client engagements."

Bob Lindquist


SalesLeadership and Michael earn my highest recommendation.

"I had the pleasure of attending SalesLeadership's Ei Selling® Boot Camp in Denver. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the trainer facilitating our workshop. Michael handled tough questions and selling situations - effortlessly. The program and great facilitation motivated a group of sales people to be better and stick to a proven selling process."

Michael Jensen


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In-Person Ei Sales Program

Open Enrollment Ei Selling® Program

Our Ei Selling® Program is the only program that integrates emotional intelligence skill training with consultative sales training.

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In-person, instructor-led program

Your Investment Includes:

  • Two days of interactive, in-person training (see details)
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment: a profile measuring 15 EQ competencies.
  • DISC Assessment: a behavior profile often referred to as a personality profile.
  • One-hour, one-on-one assessment debrief with your Ei Selling® Coach
  • Best Selling Book: Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success.
  • Book Study Guide: a sales management tool for reinforcing soft, and hard skills.
  • Ei Selling® Manual: full of templates, scripts, and selling tools.
  • Take10! Program: an eight-week self-study course to cement learning.

Private corporate workshops available upon request

Workshop Details

Powerful Instructor Led Sales Workshops

Workshop 1: Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Most sales people know what to do. However, in difficult selling scenarios, emotions drive their behaviors rather than effective selling skills and habits. In this workshop, salespeople discover how emotion management, self-awareness, and empathy  directly affect hard sales results.

Workshop: 2: Business Development – Converting Contacts to Clients

Salespeople learn how to create value propositions that emotionally connect with their prospects and create a clear differentiator from their competition. Participants create a proactive development plan that ensures a consistent and predictable sales pipeline. Learn the power of delayed gratification in creating sales results.

Workshop 3: Managing Expectations – Create Partnerships, Not Vendor-ships

Participants learn how assertiveness and self-regard help position salespeople as trusted partners, not venders. Salespeople learn how to set expectations for a consultative sales meeting, instead of a product dump meeting. Eliminate chase-mode, vague next steps, and second meetings with unqualified prospects.

Workshop 4: The Prospect's Journey – The Sales Street Journal

In this powerful workshop, salespeople learn the 10 best qualifying questions that eliminate practice proposals and missed sales forecasts. Participants learn how empathy, reality testing, and impulse control improve their ability to ask both tough and great questions.

Workshop 5: Decision Tree – How and Why Companies Make Decisions

Top sales people know how to leverage their interpersonal skills and problem solving skills to gain access to the elusive decision makes. In this workshop participants learn how to avoid getting stuck with non-decision makers. The also learn the DISC communication model and how to sell people who are not like them.

Post workshops: Self-Study Program

  • Webinar: Getting Paid What You Are Worth
  • Webinar: Prospecting 2.0 – Email, Cold and Warm Calls
  • Webinar: Presenting Recommendations and Asking for the Business

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What's Your Sales EQ?

Most salespeople know what to do. However, in difficult selling situations, they allow emotions to start running the meeting rather than effective selling and communication skills.

Download this free ebook and learn how to bridge the knowing and doing gap so you can use soft skills produce hard sales results.