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We Equip Your Sales Management Team with the Playbook They Need

Whether you are a sales manager, Director of Sales, or the CEO we know you're committed to creating a healthy, productive and profitable sales culture for your organization.

Sales managers often get set-up to fail. You’ve heard this story before. Best salesperson is promoted to sales leadership only to find themselves lacking the skills needed to transfer the knowledge, habits and skills that made them a top performer. Skills such as conducting effective one-on-one coaching sessions, training and coaching skills and running effective group sales meetings.

At SalesLeadership we know how frustrating this learning gap can be.

We are the COACHES COACH.  We help good sales managers become great sales mangers.

Our virtual and in person sales management training workshops uniquely integrate emotional intelligence skill training with leadership skill training in order to equip your sales management team with the playbook they need to hire, train, and coach a high-performance dream team.

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Stop Struggling with

Missed Sales Forecasts, Sales Rep Turnover, & Repeating Sales Challenges

What You Will Learn in Our Sales Management Training

Set Yourself or Sales Managers Up For Sales Success

The success of your sales managers directly impacts the overall success of your organization. Equip your sales leadership with the sales management training they need to develop an effective, high performing sales team.

The Psychology
of Sales Leadership

Discover why effective sales management is a combination of understanding the psychological, physiological, and leadership skills required to build high performing teams. 

Building a Resilient Sales Culture

Stress management is sales management. You can have the greatest playbook in the world, but if your team lacks the ability to deal with adversity and stress they will not be able to consistently execute winning sales strategies.

Training & Coaching Skills

Sales Leaders will learn to transfer the powerful coaching skills that made them top performers to their sales teams - skills that create positive attitudes, productive selling habits, and consistent application of the right selling strategies.

Running Effective Sales Meetings

Sales meetings often turn into complaint meetings, operation meetings, or a sales forecast "roll call", with little focus on training and development of the team's mindset and skillset resulting in stagnant growth. Improve your ability to facilitate high ROI sales meetings. 

Territory & Account Management

Discover how to eliminate one-size fits all quota setting and territory and account management. Get clear on your company’s ideal client profile, while establishing and tracking the right sales activity metrics. Learn the secrets to effective sales pipeline management (It’ not just numbers and create a plan for sustainable sales revenues.

Conducting Effective One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Successful sales manager are great teachers and coaches. They know how to transfer the knowledge, skills and habits that made them a top producer. Learn the soft skills and hard skills needed to educate, inspire and develop your team.

Are you a Highly-Effective Sales Manager?

The best sales leaders are able to manage their emotions so they can continue to execute the right coaching and training skills. Take the following quick assessment to find out what areas you can address to sharpen your sales management skills.

Highly Effective Sales Management Training


What They Say About Our Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training Attendee - Jennifer Russart

"I attended SalesLeadership's Take the Lead Management Program early in my career as a manager and my sales team is running 120% ahead of plan. Their unique approach in teaching sales managers the emotional intelligence skills needed to lead a sales team combined with solid coaching skills is a game changer. Thanks to SalesLeadership for the education gained from this program and the impact it had on me as a leader."

Jennifer Russart
Sales Management Training Attendee - Polly Lestikow

"Sales Leadership is masterful at guiding sales managers through the application of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, assertiveness and emotion management. Their courses also give you the pragmatic sales planning and coaching tools for creating sales teams that excel---beyond even their wildest dreams."

Polly Lestikow
President | The Closet Factory

EI Sales Management Training & Workshops

The Sales EQ and IQ of Effective Sales Leadership

Check out our Ei Sales Management Training Workshops to see how we can help you grow in your role as an effective sales leader. We will work with you to choose the right combination of workshops best suited to meet your specific needs.


The Neuroscience of Sales Leadership

Research shows that the most effective leaders share a common trait: self-control. These individuals remain cool and collected, even in the most difficult selling situations and conversations. Without this ability, sales leaders get derailed, defaulting to fight or flight coaching conversations.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why great sales management is a combination of psychology and physiology.
  • Improve self-awareness and self-control by understanding triggers that cause sales managers to default to fight or flight responses during coaching conversations.
  • Decrease defensive responses in your sales team by tuning into your salesperson’s emotional state. Influence the real buyer, the salesperson reptilian brain.
  • Learn tools and strategies to improve ability to effectively manage emotions.  Bridge the sales management knowing and doing gap.  


Principles of Training & Coaching

If you are the smartest man or woman in the room, chances are you need help improving your ability to transfer the knowledge, habits and skills that made you a top performer. Great sales managers are great teachers; however, most sales managers have never learned key principles of teaching and coaching.

Learning Objectives

  • The neuroscience of teaching and why most sales managers fail in their role as a teacher and coach.
  • Coaching your team through the J curve, the change curve. Avoid the curse of the comfort zone and status quo zone.
  • Learn the difference between training and coaching. Stop being a professional teller!
  • Better diagnose sales performance issues. Stop working on the wrong end of the problem. More training isn’t always the answer.


Empathy & Influence

How can sales manager influence members of his or her sales team if they don’t know what the salesperson is thinking or feeling. The short answer is: you can’t. Empathy is one of the most powerful---and misunderstood---influence skills. This soft skill produces hard sales results by improving a sales leader to read and relate to each member of the sales team.

Learning Objectives

  • Stop confusing validation with empathy.  
  • Discover why ‘real-world’ empathy is difficult to learn and apply. Learn the three “S” methodology to creation an emotional connection with members of your team.
  • Eliminate defensive responses from your sales team by incorporating empathy into your coaching conversations.


Conducting Effective One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Every good sales organization has a sales playbook. However, a playbook is only as good as the execution of the plays. Like a great athletic coach, great sales coaches know how to analyze data from their CRM tool and observation of sales meetings to identify key areas of improvement for each salesperson.

Learning Objectives

  • Stop reading reports and learn how to use the data generated from the reports to focus on the right end of sales performance issues.  
  • Improve ability to debrief sales calls. Help your sales team discover how and where deals are getting stuck.  “People believe their own data.”
  • Stop waiting for failed deals. Invest time in pre-briefing upcoming sales meetings. Discover the power of the “what if” coaching questions.


Stress Management is Sales Management

In a 24/7 connected, “I need it now world,” salespeople are becoming more stressed and less productive. Stress causes burnout and turnover, often as high as 27%, double the rate in the general workforce. Unfortunately, most sales managers haven’t learned key strategies for reducing stress in a profession filled with adversity.

Learning Objectives

  • Decrease stress by improving your sales team’s locus of control. Stop the blame game on external factors and events.
  • Improve your sales team’s ability to embrace accountability and proactive thinking.   
  • Improve sales teams time management skills. Teach your sales team how to manage their calendar rather than having their calendar manage them.
  • Incorporate optimism and gratitude training into your sales processes.


Territory & Account Management – Scaling Revenues With New and Existing Clients

Sales organizations leave thousands of dollars on the table because they don’t have a defined strategy for acquiring, retaining and growing existing clients. The result is stagnant or slow growth giving competitors a competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives

  • Avoid the seven common mistakes in growing revenues.
  • Stop trying to sell to prospects that can’t or wont buy.
  • Create a proactive selling strategy for growing existing business. Hope is not a strategy.
  • Create key performance metrics for both the sales team and sales manager that drives consistent growth.  What gets measure improves.
  • Sales is not a department. Avoid unnecessary turnover in clients by working with other departments in your company to ensure client satisfaction.


Failing Fast & Failing Forward

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You learn more from your failures than your successes.” So why don’t we see more failure wall in corporations? Sales leaders often say failure is okay but lack the skills to teach their sales team to fail well, fail fast and fail to move forwards.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve your sales team's ability to admit and accept mistakes.
  • Discover coaching tools for giving feedback in a manner that can be heard and applied by your sales team.
  • Learn how to teach your sales team the importance of separating their DO from their WHO. Stop taking failure and feedback personally.


Coaching Conversations That Improve Sales Results

It’s often been said that the power of the question equals the power of the answer and the resulting behavior change. Sales managers are assertive people, however, that important soft skill can also be a sales managers Achilles heel. Assertive sales managers default to telling rather than asking the powerful coaching question. As a result, no behavior change occurs because people believe their own data.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve the EQ skill of self-awareness. Learn what triggers cause you to start telling rather than asking the powerful coaching questions.   
  • Avoid wing-it coaching conversations. Improve your pre-call planning strategies around possible questions, objections or push back.
  • Learn key coaching questions that help salespeople discover how and where fear and self-limiting beliefs are affecting performance.


Emotional Self-Awareness

“That which you are not aware of you cannot change.” Sales managers often feel like they are running on a sales treadmill because they continue to experience the same sales management challenges. These challenges vary from hiring the wrong salespeople to missed sales forecasts to repeated coaching conversation around the same selling challenge.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how lack of self-awareness leads to ineffective sales management.
  • Improve awareness on how you show up to each and every conversation with members of your sales team.
  • Discover the number one discipline for improving self-awareness and sales results.


Sales Meetings That Create Inspiration Not Desperation

More than one salesperson has complained about wasting time in meetings that produce no value. Sales meetings often turn into complaint meetings, operations meetings or sales forecast “roll call” meeting. Not enough time is invested in the one thing that will improve the sales team’s performance: training and development of mindset, emotional intelligence and selling skills

Learning Objectives

  • Run your sales meeting like a sales meeting. Stop winging it and start planning sales meeting that create a measurable ROI.
  • Eliminate sales meeting with now defined purpose and objective. 
  • Develop facilitation skills to improve conversation and dialogue between team members.
  • Create action plans following each meeting. Avoid vague next steps or no steps.


Assertiveness & Achievement

Sales drama can take up a lot of a sales manager’s day. Without self-awareness and assertiveness, sales managers quickly turn into professional fire fighters. They invest all their time putting out fires and rescuing salespeople. This sales management approach creates a care taking rather than a caring for sales culture.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve self-awareness and discover how and where you are rescuing your sales team.
  • Avoid the drama triangle of persecutor, rescuer and enabler.
  • Learn powerful coaching strategies to create ownership thinking rather than victim thinking.
  • Improve your assertiveness skills and avoid passive-aggressive or aggressive sales management behaviors.

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