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You’ve read this bestselling novel. Top sales producer gets promoted to Sales Leadership because of their sales ability. Then, they find themselves lacking the new skills needed to develop a high performing sales team. Skills such as hiring, training, coaching and holding salespeople accountable to metrics and results.  

The result is missed sales forecasts, sales rep turnover and a sales manager wondering if he/she should have stayed in their position as a seller.

We can help.

We Are The Coach's Coach.

Check out our Take The Lead program. (Click here for detailed outline.)  Workshops are designed specifically for sales managers committed to building a high-performance sales team. Our unique integration of emotional intelligence skill training with leadership skill training bridges the sales management knowing and doing gap.

My Team is Running 120% of Plan. "I attended SalesLeadership's Take The Lead Sales Management Program, fortunately, early in my career as a manager. Their unique approach in teaching sales managers the emotional intelligence skills needed to lead a sales team combined with solid coaching skills is a game changer. After taking the course, I found ways to connect with my team in a more meaningful way and help them identify what's getting in the way of excellent results. My sales team is running 120% of plan. I give SalesLeadership part of the credit to exceeding sales goals because of the education gained from this program and the impact it had on me as a leader. " Jennifer Russart, Director of Major Accounts, FlexPrintMPS, Chicago, IL

Take The Lead Workshops – The Sales EQ and IQ of effective sales management (Click here for detailed outline.)

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Sales Leadership

Emotional Self-Awareness – It All Starts With You

Empathy and Influence – The Big “E” of Effective Sales Coaching

Stress Management is Sales Management – Control What You Can Control

Creating Sales Cultures of Accountability and Responsibility - Stop The Sales Drama

Feedback That Works - Lessons Learned Sales Culture

Principles of Professional Sales Training and Sales Coaching Skills

What Does Your Sales Team Believe - Coach The Invisible To Improve Visible Sales Results

The Sales Mechanics of Coaching – Stop Telling and Start Teaching 

Territory and Account Management – Scaling Revenues with New and Existing Clients

Sales Meetings – Or Ground Hog Day Meetings

Who Attends Our Sales Management Courses?

Our clients are smart, continuous learners and humble. Titles vary from CEO's managing a small team to Vice Presidents of Sales, to Sales Directors. The titles vary but the goal of creating healthy and productive sales cultures do not. Our clients recognize that continuous learning is essential to sustained sales success. (Click here for detailed outline of workshops.)

What Do Our Clients Say?

Take The Lead Program Resulted in 26% Growth "The investment in SalesLeadership's sales management program, Take The Lead, is well worth the time and money. My ability to hire the right players and lead them has resulted in 26% growth for my organization. If you're serious about becoming an effective sales leader, this is a program that will help you accomplish that goal by giving you REAL and EFFECTIVE tools to lead, train and achieve." Dan Flanagan, Chief Sales Officer, BluSKY Restoration Contractors, Centennial, CO

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