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Denver-Based Sales Leadership Development Available Nationwide

Sales managers are some of the hardest working people in business. It can be a difficult job because of the many challenges facing today's sales managers. Join us for our next Ei Sales Management Boot Camp in the fall of 2019 in the Denver, CO area - dates to be determined. We will help you gain the knowledge and skills to tackle the most difficult people and sales growth challenges.

Challenges such as :

  • Managing up and down the corporate ladder. Meeting C-suite demands for more profit and the sales teams demands for more resources. Not an easy balance to achieve.
  • Achieving revenue and profit goals in an increasingly commoditized world. Competition is no longer local or regional. Competitors are national, global, on-line, small and big. Today's sales professionals have to be better. Period.
  • Building a high-performance sales team in a world where everyone gets a trophy for showing up. (Not a great approach for hitting sales goals.)
  • Identifying and hiring salespeople that embrace feedback instead of blame and excuses.
  • Transferring the skills and habits that made you a top producer.

Click here for the Ei Sales Management® Workshop Outline.

We can help. We are the sales coach's coach. Our Take The Lead Program is for sales managers committed to building a high-performance sales team.

Sales managers often get set-up to fail. They aren't given the skills necessary to lead a high-performance sales team.

Skills such as :

  • Hiring and selecting top salespeople. You were great at interviewing and qualifying prospects. But interviewing and qualifying sales candidates is different.
  • Training and coaching. How many sales managers have received education on teaching and coaching skills? Not many, so they often fail at transferring the knowledge, habits, skills that made them successful. The result is stagnant sales or the sales manager remaining the top seller rather than developing top sellers.
  • Giving feedback. Sales managers are often met with defensiveness or excuses when giving well intended feedback. Most sales managers haven't been given the skills to hold the "crucial sales conversations" necessary to create high-performance teams.
  • Running effective meetings. You've moved from participant to leader. And unfortunately, too many sales meetings turn into complaint meetings, role call meetings which do little to inspire your sales team.
  • Sales forecasting. Without education, sales managers end up sales guessing, not sales forecasting.

Sales managers can learn through the well-known school of hard knocks. The problem is that getting a degree from this school takes longer, makes the job less enjoyable and less effective.

Take The Lead Program Resulted in 26% Growth "The investment in SalesLeadership's sales management program, Take The Lead, is well worth the time and money. My ability to hire the right players and lead them has resulted in 26% growth for my organization. If you're serious about becoming an effective sales leader, this is a program that will help you accomplish that goal by giving you REAL and EFFECTIVE tools to lead, train and achieve." Dan Flanagan, Chief Sales Officer, BluSKY Restoration Contractors, Centennial, CO

Who Attends Our Sales Management Courses?

VPs of sales, sales managers, CEOs and small business owners. The titles may vary but the traits do not. Our clients are smart, continuous learners and humble.!

The Training is Effective and Will Help You Take Your Sales Team's Execution to the Next Level "The team at SalesLeadership is top notch and provides a process and experience that is both engaging to be a part of and empowering to present to prospects. The coaches and trainers at SalesLeadership are adept at being able to hone in on the challenges that you are facing as a sales/business development professional and brainstorm and provide insight on solutions. The training is effective and I highly recommend it." Jennifer Beckman, PHR Business Cultivator, WorkLife Partnership, Denver, CO

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