Sales Management Training

Denver-Based Sales Leadership Development Available Nationwide

You’ve heard it before. Many top sales producers are promoted to sales management, only to discover it’s an entirely different set of skills – hiring, performance feedback, running effective meetings and getting things done through others.

Here’s the good news: There’s no need to learn leadership skills through the ‘sales management school of hard knocks.’

SalesLeadership’s Take the Lead program will shortcut your learning and your earnings. This is a comprehensive sales management program for leaders who are serious about building high-performance sales teams.

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We Can Help If You Are:

  • Frustrated with the inability to duplicate yourself and/or your best performers
  • Concerned that feedback is always met with defensiveness or excuses
  • Not sure how to coach selling and attitude skills to the ‘next level’
  • Wondering if it’s you or the sales team
  • Committed to growing a sales organization that can sell in any economic environment
  • Committed to reaching your full potential as a sales leader

We know that reinforcement and accountability are key to mastery. At SalesLeadership, we are the coaches’ coach.

SalesLeadership's team are experts at strategy and execution, making sure all pieces of your business development process work together to ensure consistent sales results. We recognize that leadership roles must exist at every level of the organization because leaders buy from leaders. Our mission is to bring the necessary qualities of leadership to all stages of the sales process. We transform salespeople into consultants, managers into leaders and leaders into visionaries.

It's the age old question: Are leaders born or are they made? We believe the answer is yes.

Our purpose: help companies identify and develop sales leaders in your organization so they can build and grow high performance sales teams. Top sales teams can sell in any economy, understand the power of teamwork and show up every day to compete and win.

Sales managers often attain their position by demonstrating competence in the selling arena. However, it is the new skills such as employee selection, communication, team building, training, coaching and leadership that elevate a sales team from average to excellence. 

The Training is Effective and Will Help You Take Your Sales Team's Execution to the Next Level "The team at SalesLeadership is top notch and provides a process and experience that is both engaging to be a part of and empowering to present to prospects. The coaches and trainers at SalesLeadership are adept at being able to hone in on the challenges that you are facing as a sales/business development professional and brainstorm and provide insight on solutions. The training is effective and I highly recommend it." Jennifer Beckman, PHR Business Cultivator, WorkLife Partnership

Ei Sales Management® Workshops: Change Your Sales Results by Changing Your Sales Culture 

This workshop helps leaders create sales cultures that are clear on the values and principles by which the organization does business. An organization that is clear on corporate values is clear on who you hire, who you serve, and how you serve your customers.

"Higher Expectations" – Identify and Hire Great Sales People

Hiring is one of (if not the most) difficult decisions for owners and managers. Studies suggest the wrong hire impact is 3-5 times the annual compensation of the position. Great managers and great leaders know how to "see" the real candidate and choose the best candidate based on competencies, not just on a gut decision.

Managing and Coaching Diverse Communication and Behavior Styles

Great leaders and managers recognize the necessity to understand, relate and communicate with a wide variety of people. The great manager also recognizes that each person is motivated and responsive to different stimuli and has different needs.

Raise the Bar – Setting and Getting Expectations

"They just don't do what I tell them" is a common complaint and frustration heard among managers. Great managers consistently communicate clear expectations and provide feedback on those expectations. Do you have clear definitions and expectations for high performance? If not, your team may be working on the wrong goals and activities.

Manage Results, Not Excuses

Where is the weakest link in your organization or in your sales team's process? How do you know what to work on with each salesperson? Is it activity, beliefs, or specific skill deficiencies? This workshop helps you install a tracking, benchmarking and accountability system that helps the company and salesperson win.

Performance Feedback – It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

The two most dreaded words in many organizations is "performance evaluation." Turn evaluations into a coaching process to develop your team and create real change. Move feedback from another chore on your to-do list to a real management tool.

The Sales Coach – Training and Coaching Sales People

Managers can easily be distracted by administrative requirements of running a team. In the end, skill development and coaching contribute the most to the bottom line. The key to building a great sales team is directly related to the coaching and training skills of the manager.

Field Coaching

Face-to-face time with decision-makers has never been more valuable or scarce. Classroom training is valuable; however, it must be observed and applied in the real world. Learn effective tools for pre-briefing and debriefing sales calls with your team.

Sales Meetings That Inspire

Increased productivity pressures and the escalating costs of travel/down time demands that time spent out of the field have a measurable ROI. Poor sales meetings are one of the highest complaints from salespeople. Create sales meetings that rock!

Territory Planning – Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Identify your best customers and prospects and build a plan that creates "raving fans" and captures the right new business. Make sure you are practicing the 80/20 rule in your business.

United Resource Systems "I wanted to thank you and Colleen for a great experience last week during the (Ei Sales Management®) Hiring and Selection workshop!  The ideas, examples and reasoning makes so much more sense to me and I have been diligently creating my new sales program.  Looking forward to the next gathering!" Mike Lammers, United Resource Systems

In addition to great workshops, sales managers receive tools that help predict, track and reinforce training concepts. You will receive: 

  • Sales Managers Guide to Hiring Top Sales Talent
  • Sales Activity Templates
  • Sales Coaching Templates
  • Pre-Hire Profiles and Assessments
  • TriMetrix Communication Assessment
  • EQ-i Communication Assessment
  • Book – "Growing Great Sales Teams"

Learn more about our sales manager training programs and techniques by calling 303-708-1128 or contact SalesLeadership online today.