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No matter how great a salesperson's knowledge of the hard sales tactics are they will fail to effectively execute them if they can become emotionally derailed during a sales conversation.  In this free mini-course, Colleen Stanley (leading sales expert on emotional intelligence, sales and sales management) will walk through several of the critical soft sales skills every sales professional needs to produce hard sales results.

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What you’ll learn in this Mini-Course:

Build Emotional Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is what I consider the “Mega Soft Skill” that all sales managers should work to increase. Over the years, the most successful salespeople I've encountered---and enjoy working with----are those that are aware of their personal responsibility in both their successes and failures.

You will learn a few quick strategies to boost the emotional self-awareness of yourself and your team.

Exercising Empathy

Empathy has been a hot topic over the past few years, especially when it comes to sales. Sales professionals and managers will always be more successful when they can put themselves into the perspective of their buyers and team members. Remember, we can't influence another human being if we don’t know or care about what they are thinking or feeling.

In this section, Colleen will give you a 5 step plan to bringing more empathy to the sales conversation.

maximize Your Stress Tolerance

Today's sales teams are more stressed out than ever before. From supply chain, to inflation and everything in between our sales professionals are facing some big challenges and those that haven’t built up their stress tolerance can get quickly overwhelmed by the stress monster. Under constant stress, your body releases the stress hormone of cortisol, which makes you tired, fatigued and burned out – not really the recipe for success!

Colleen provides an easy to implement solution to strengthening the stress tolerance of your sales teams.

About the Colleen Stanley

PRESIDENT & FOUNDER of Sales Leadership, Inc.

Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership, a sales development firm specializing in the integration of emotional intelligence, sales, and sales leadership skills. She is the author of three books, including Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success, now published in eight languages, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership and Growing Great Sales Teams.

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