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The Sales Leadership 
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Join us for practical insights and actionable advice where each week we tackle the age old challenge of bridging the knowing and doing gap in the realm of sales leadership.

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Sale Leadership Awakening
Sale Leadership Awakening
Sales Goals or Learning Goals
  • Sales Goals or Learning Goals

    Sales Goals or Learning Goals

    Feb 11, 2024 • 21:48

    In this episode of the Sales Leadership Awakening podcast, Steven Rosen and Colleen Stanley discuss the strategy of simultaneously setting learning and sales goals. They explore the intricate relationship between continuous learning and improving skills for sales leaders, stressing the need for a balance. They share insights on how sales…

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The Power of a Recognition Sales Culture

In this episode of the Sales Leadership Awakening podcast, host Steven Rosen and Colleen Stanley are joined by Rika Cuff, Senior Vice President of Scholastic and Champ Sales at Herff Jones. They discuss the importance of sales leadership in developing a strong sales culture, the power of recognition, and the challenges of fostering a culture of trust and consistency. Rika also shares tips for appreciating team members, highlighting the power of small actions, such as handwritten notes.

About the Show

Welcome to the Sales Awakening Podcast where we delve into the timeless challenge of bridging the knowing and doing gap. Despite the passage of time, sales leaders continue to face hurdles that have persisted for the last 25 years: Hiring AND retaining top talent, difficulty holding people accountable and transfer of knowledge and skills. And in addition, today’s sales leaders are charged with helping their sales teams navigate the rapid pace of change driven by a global economy and advancing technology. This podcast brings you wisdom from top sales leaders and our own experience in working with hundreds of sales organizations. Tune in for engaging conversations that will provide valuable insights in your evolving role as a sales leader.

Meet the Hosts

A top 50 sales thought leader by Top Sales World, Steven is passionate about inspiring sales leaders to elevate their teams and drive business growth to new heights. With a successful history from a sales rep to VP of Sales at Alcon and Biovail, his expertise is unmatched. He holds a business degree and an MBA from Concordia University. Known for his authenticity and engaging style, Steven is a renowned sales leadership coach, aiding companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s. Discover the transformative power of Steven's coaching and unlock your leadership potential.

Colleen Stanley, President of SalesLeadership, Inc.

Colleen Stanley, president of SalesLeadership, is an expert in merging emotional intelligence with sales and leadership skills. Author of three books, including the widely translated "Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success," she previously led a national sales team at Varsity Spirit Corporation, a Forbes-recognized fast-growing company. Colleen is acclaimed in sales development and thought leadership, honored by Salesforce as a top influencer in sales and ranked among the Top 30 Global Sales Gurus.