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Thanks for visiting my page. There are hundreds of sales speakers, so why me?

Well, here’s a reality check. Most sales organizations are still running into the same issues as 20 years ago — even with the explosion of technology and information.

It’s time for a new perspective. It’s time to integrate emotional intelligence (EQ) into your sales and leadership processes. Soft skills such as self-awareness, empathy and impulse control do produce hard sales results.

Watch my short video, which highlights how emotional intelligence skills impact the execution of consultative selling skills. It will give you a preview of my style, content and engagement with the audience. Have fun, and learn a few things while watching.

Harvard Business Review Poland Sales Keynote "We serve an educated and progressive audience that demands a lot from our speakers. Colleen Stanley delivered an innovative and thought-provoking presentation to our CEOs. In fact, we plan to continue our partnership and work more with SalesLeadership in the coming year." Magdalena Pielak Corporate Projects Director - HBRP, Poland

Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a conversation with me. Set in the lovely foothills of Colorado (and my deck). I’ll share my philosophy on the importance of integrating Sales EQ and Sales IQ into your sales and sales leadership processes. Emotionally intelligent sales teams win more business because they know how to manage emotions, connect with people at a deeper level and bounce back quicker from setbacks. Soft skills. Hard sales results.

Salesforce named Colleen as one of the top 7 influential sales figures of the 21st century "Emotional intelligence is an extremely relevant topic. Colleen is THE expert in showing the importance of EQ as it relates to sales. Her energy and stage presence helps to inspire, energize and motivate people, ensuring they reflect and take action. Colleen has really been a pleasure to partner with on both our webcasts and live events, regularly receiving great feedback from attendees. In running the Sales Thought Leadership Program at Salesforce, I get to work with many great speakers and Colleen always is front-of-mind to work with more." Tim Clarke - Director Product Marketing - Salesforce, San Francisco, CA