February 4

Sales Grit, Grind and Goals


In sales we like to throw around words such as grit, which is supposed to help salespeople “grind it out” to achieve goals. But what is this thing called grit?

The words associated with grit are resilience, passion and perseverance.

Let’s start with passion. Some of the best salespeople I know are passionate (and happy) about what they sell and what they do. In the words of Simon Sinek, they have discovered their why, their purpose in what they do in life.

Now you might be thinking, “I sell technology that makes companies more efficient and effective. That’s it. Not much purpose going on here.”  

I beg to differ.

When you sell a product that helps companies be more effective, you enable them to be more competitive and relevant. This helps the company grow and stay in business, and  to hire people and pay employees. Their employees become able to buy their first home, send a child to college or donate to a nonprofit organization.

That’s purpose! You help companies thrive and grow!  

One of our clients is a large restoration company. They go in after hurricanes, fires and catastrophic events. This sales team, including project directors, are clear about their purpose: We get people back to work and back in their homes.

This increases their passion about what they sell and do every day. And because they are passionate about their work, they persevere (grind) to finish a tough job (goal).

They consistently prospect (persevere and grind) because they know they are the best company to serve clients in these difficult situations.

They are empathetic and patient when dealing with an upset homeowner that has just lost her home and is taking out her grief on them. They persevere.

They work long hours to get buildings back in shape so people can get back to work. They persevere and grind.

At your next sales meeting, examine your purpose and passion for what you sell and what you do.

This clarity will create a sales team with passion and perseverance.

It will build a sales team with grit that will grind to achieve the hard goals.  

Got grit?


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