Reviews for Sales Leadership, Inc.

Denver-Based Sales Leadership Development Available Nationwide

US Foods
"As a former chef and restaurant owner I have a natural inclination to sell, but was skeptical of my abilities within the foodservice environment."
Alex Kaulbach
Business Development
RE/MAX Mountain States, Inc., Denver, CO
Dalco Industries
"Colleen Stanley's prospecting seminar was very well worth our time. Not only did we improve our telephone prospecting and contact skills, but we rewrote several of our marketing positioning statements as a direct result of her valuable input. Since completing the seminar we have opened many new doors and our sales team has developed the confidence to position our products and company with the right client. We consider Colleen an indispensable coach and team member."
Jim Lawler
Sales Representative
Dalco Industries, Denver, CO
Whirley Industries
"The Sales Leadership 12 week course made a huge impact on my business. My Sales are up 20% ytd and in this down economy, that is tremendous. Not only did they give me the tools to improve my skills, they also gave me the drive and passion back that had been lacking for some time. While taking the course, Lorna gave me some advice on a particular account that landed a sale that paid for well over half the course. Of course with my sales up 20% I have paid for the balance again and again."
Robyn Balsley
Regional Sales Manager
Whirley Industries, Erie, CO
Swank Audio Visuals
"I really appreciate all the work you all put into the training last week.  I have actually had three instances already where the techniques learned have helped me (1) get a secondary meeting with the final decision maker and (2) I was able to move two hotels off the dime and get both to commit to us… just by “calling it.”"
Jerry Golenor
General Manager, National Accounts
Swank Audio Visuals, Fairfax, VA
RE/MAX Mountain States, Inc.
"We have heard nothing but positive feedback from all of our RE/MAX affiliates. The homework you did to prepare for the presentation was unlike I had ever seen. You captured the audience with your amazing credibility, warmth, and charisma. Thank you for making our retreat so successful."
Dawn Phillips
Franchised Development
RE/MAX Mountain States, Inc.
Source Office Products
"Colleen Stanley is one of the best sales trainers that I've had the pleasure of working with. I grew up in Minnesota and know the "lessons from the cornfield" work in building great sales teams."
Ken Larson
Source Office Products, Golden, CO
Renewable Choice Energy
"Working with Colleen at SLI was an excellent and productive experience for me as a manager and mentor to my company's sales team. During the year that we worked together, I made some significant changes to both the structure and size of my team. By splitting the team into three separate, specialized units, I was able to decrease the number of total salespeople and increase sales from the previous year. Additionally I was able to bring back many best practices from Colleen's deep experience that has improved all of the team members' activity, efficiency and productivity.  I would recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking to improve their own performance and their team's performance."
Aran Rice
VP of Sales
Renewable Choice Energy, Boulder, CO
I absolutely recommend the program. The ongoing training and support is invaluable.
"SalesLeadership’s sales training is highly valuable with a sustainability function that increases the learnings and the ROI. I have been through Xerox and Miller Heiman. SalesLeadership is the easiest and most practical to use and implement. Immediate results we experienced…. an increase in appointments and extended conversations with our  customers due to the salespeople’s Emotional Intelligence training and increased self awareness."
Tim Tobeck
Vice President
Energy Central, Aurora, CO
Revenues Have Increased 25% with SalesLeaderships Help
"The SalesLeadership approach really opened our eyes on why prospects buy from us and totally changed our approach to sales. After only a few months, we substantially improved our prospect close rate and client retention. It has impacted the growth of our organization. Revenues have increased 25%."
Dave Johnson
Managing Partner, Founder
Csquared Solutions LLC, Denver, CO
Mesa Labs
"Mesa Labs has been partnering with SalesLeadership to support our growing sales team to have a consistent sales process and messaging. This is a critical goal as our company grows and brings on a variety of different talent with varying backgrounds. Some of the key outcomes are:

      Increase the ability to read and relate to different personality styles.
      Navigate through the enterprise sale with increased confidence.
      Uncover budget figures earlier in the sales cycle.
      Share the consistent message for product by industry to create value conversations.
We are excited to keep developing the team with a sustainable and proven process. The results thus far have been a more consistent approach to “selling” for our team and across our various product lines. In some cases our sales reps have been selling our products for many years and needed to move away from old habits that no longer work. And our newer hires have not really had any formal “enterprise” class sales training and have responded well. The team has also been very enthusiastic regarding our commitment to them while at the same time asking them to do more."
Glenn Adriance
VP and Chief Sales & Marketing Director
Mesa Labs, Lakewood, CO