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I highly recommend Colleen and her team.
"I ended up with the #1 team within the entire company by using the Ei Selling® methodology and was promoted to VP of Sales for the Mississippi Valley Region. I find that SalesLeadership has adapted with the times, incorporated new methods such as Emotional Intelligence into the curriculm as well as adapting to the type of business, sales personnel and customers that are unique in each organization. We are still working together after fifteen years."
Robert Babb
VP of Sales
"Colleen Stanley and SalesLeadership have made a significant impact in our business.  Utilizing Colleen’s proven tactics and process, my Team hit 120% of Sales Plan this year.  Every member of my Sales Team hit quota last month and all were at 90% of quota or higher for Q4…both milestones and firsts for KPA.  In addition, Colleen’s personal coaching and mentoring with me have made me a much better leader with more focus on improving my team’s performance.  She is the real deal!"
Todd Hotham
VP of Sales
Sales Management workshops helped my team be more creative and collaborative
"I attended SalesLeadership’s Take The Lead sales management program. As a result, I am offering my sales team more training and we have already noticed the team is more creative and much more collaborative. As Colleen emphasizes during the workshops, the leader must model the behavior changes desired on his or her team."
Lee Shakespeare
Business Development Manager
RMG – Rocky Mountain Group
Arthur J. Gallagher
"As a result of SalesLeadership's sales training program, we now focus our sales opportunities where quantifiable pain can be identified, have eliminated chasing suspects that we thought were prospects, and have a structured process for holding our sales team accountable. We have increased our sales success rate by more than 50% by working smarter and pursuing fewer more qualified business opportunities."
Jeff Kassal
Area Vice President
Arthur J. Gallagher
Huge Believer in the Training!
"After the Ei Selling® Boot Camp and start of the sustainability process, I had the following success in just a few months:

* Successful cold calls that landed opportunities ranging from $15K to $500K

* Reduced discounts previously applied to key customers by over $15K

* Generated $20K in new customer sales

* Saved roughly 15 hours a month in wasted time writing proposals

*And...having a ton of fun in the meantime"
Charles Avila
Western Regional Sales Manager
SalesLeadership Has Been A Big Eye Opener
"Hard selling techniques do not work anymore and are obsolete. If you want to establish true partnerships with your customers, you cannot undermine the power of soft skills. People still buy emotionally and justify their purchases logically. Emotional intelligence is critical to establishing successful, life-long relationships and getting results. Most people talk about a consultative sales approach, but very few mean it. Colleen’s team has helped us to transform the team into a consultative firm. Sales managers must also understand when to train and when to coach these skills to their teams. SalesLeadership has been a big eye opener to our organization - helping us take the sales function to the next level. As a result we have increased our sales by 16% in just a couple of years."
Carlos Descalzo, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
InJoy Birth & Parenting Education
Maintaining My Competitive Edge
"I have worked with Colleen Stanley and SalesLeadership for the last 17 years. I attribute my sales success to the training I’ve received over the years. In a 3 year period, my revenues went from $0 to over $12 million annually. I continue to engage with SalesLeadership’s trainings year after year. It allows me to maintain my competitive edge. Without it, I would be out of business in this ever-changing marketplace."
Jim Molloy
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed, Inc.
I would give SalesLeadership a 10 – truly business impacting for us.
"The time we have spent with SalesLeadership talking through our approach, clarifying our sales plan and strategy and generally talking about how to handle objections and position vs. the competition, have been extremely valuable for us –- I can count a number of times that getting their counsel helped us land the deal, and we have changed processes here when approaching potential bidders for our clients that have significantly increased our effectiveness. So, all in all, I would give SalesLeadership a 10 – truly business impacting for us."
Chris Younger
Managing Director
"I am a sales professional that decided not to wait for the company to invest in me—I invested in my professional development by enrolling in the Ei Selling®  program. SalesLeadership’s approach to sales and business is practical, smart and gets results.  I have been promoted three times since taking your course. Thanks for being a good partner in helping me further develop my sales and influence skills."
Brent Cooper
Public Sector Account Manager, Sprint Business Markets Group
Happy Clients
""Colleen has trained our sales and account services teams for fifteen years. Her training has resulted in millions of dollars in increased revenue. It is all about results and Colleen delivers.""
Dan Goldstein
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