Reviews for Sales Leadership, Inc.

Denver-Based Sales Leadership Development Available Nationwide

SalesLeadership and Michael earn my highest recommendation
"I had the pleasure of attending SalesLeadership’s Ei Selling® Boot Camp in Denver. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the trainer facilitating our workshop. Michael handled tough questions and selling situations—effortlessly. The program and great facilitation motivated a group of sales people to be better and stick to a proven selling process."
Michael Jensen
Sales Executive
Sterling Diligence, Kansas City, MO
Take the Lead Program resulted in 26% growth
"The investment in SalesLeadership’s sales management program, Take The Lead, is well worth the time and money.    My ability to hire the right players and lead them has resulted in 26% growth for my organization.   If you’re serious about becoming an effective sales leader, this is a program that will help you accomplish that goal by giving you REAL and EFFECTIVE tools to lead, train and achieve."
Dan Flanagan
Chief Sales Officer
BluSKY Restoration Contractors, Centennial, CO
Arthur J. Gallagher
"As a result of SalesLeadership's sales training program, we now focus our sales opportunities where quantifiable pain can be identified, have eliminated chasing suspects that we thought were prospects, and have a structured process for holding our sales team accountable. We have increased our sales success rate by more than 50% by working smarter and pursuing fewer more qualified business opportunities."
Jeff Kassal
Area Vice President
Arthur J. Gallagher, Centennial, CO
I would give SalesLeadership a 10 – truly business impacting for us.
"The time we have spent with SalesLeadership talking through our approach, clarifying our sales plan and strategy and generally talking about how to handle objections and position vs. the competition, have been extremely valuable for us –- I can count a number of times that getting their counsel helped us land the deal, and we have changed processes here when approaching potential bidders for our clients that have significantly increased our effectiveness. So, all in all, I would give SalesLeadership a 10 – truly business impacting for us."
Chris Younger
Managing Director
CVA, Denver, CO
SalesLeadership has helped our company get more organized and more disciplined in our sales approach.
"They helped us identify key strategies to focus on and as a result, we have a sales process that works for who we are as a company.  Their unique approach of incorporating emotional intelligence has been invaluable.  With their guidance, we identified an area of customer attrition and put in a client retention strategy that has increased our client retention percentage by 20 points.  That’s a big win."
Chris Harrington
President and Co-Founder
Usherpa, Greenwood Village, CO
SalesLeadership Helped Make Us Smarter and Better with Regards to Client Attraction and Engagement
"We had a fairly developed sales process as a professional service provider and consulting firm, however, knew we were lacking some of the tools to ensure continued growth.  Within the span of one year Colleen and the SalesLeadership team helped us to create a standardized Sales Playbook with new and exciting resources that have made us both smarter and better at leveraging our effectiveness with regards to client attraction and engagement.  This combined with the Ei Selling® Boot Camp training for all of our sales staff has provided a common platform, language, and invaluable tools to assure alignment as we grow from a $15M to $25M+ company."
Eric Amhaus
Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Development
Pie Consulting & Engineering, Arvada, CO
I am having the best year attributing much to leveraging the Ei Sales principles!
"I have been selling technology consulting services for some time. Attending the SalesLeadership training helped me identify those "emotional" triggers in client conversations - it has particularly assisted me in avoiding practice proposals for clients that were NOT going to engage. I now ensure that each client conversation includes curious questions & stories. This approach helps validate both our value and fit for the clients who WILL engage. It has made me much more efficient, enabling a significant increase in the number of consulting engagements over prior years and more successful client engagements."
Bob Lindquist
Consulting Services Director
Omaha, NE
The Ei Selling® System is Driving Results
"As a young newcomer to sales, the Ei Selling® Boot Camp brought much needed clarity to a noisy world. Colleen’s Ei Selling® system helped me see gaps in my performance and uncover the underlying causes. Her system has brought structure into my process and allowed me to focus on driving results."
David Shaum
Professional Recruiter
Carter Mackenzie International, Denver, CO
The Training is Effective For All Levels
"“The team at Sales Leadership is top notch and provides a process and experience that is both engaging to be a part of and empowering to present to prospects. The coaches and trainers at Sales Leadership are adept at being able to hone in on the challenges that you are facing as a sales/business development professional and brainstorm and provide insight on solutions. The training is effective for all levels with a sales organization and I highly recommend it.”"
Jennifer Beckman, PHR
Business Cultivator
WorkLife Partnership, Denver, CO
Emotional Intelligence Has Helped Me Build Strong Sales Teams
"As a life-long learner, I have been tapping into the practical wisdom of Colleen Stanley and her Sales Leadership training for over 10 years. Colleen’s training has helped me build strong sales teams in highly competitive environments such as Online Education and most recently in Healthcare, where success is driven by the cultivation of emotional intelligence and the application of the proven strategies taught by Sales Leadership, Inc. I encourage you to work with SaleLeadership today!"
Dennis Rodriguez
Director of Provider Relations
The Denver Hospice, Denver, CO