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Sales leaders have a passion for continual personal development. SLI's sales tools and resources provide regular insight into the state of the industry, as well as techniques for improvement. These tools and resources are an excellent way to keep your sales methodology sharp and redefined.


Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership

The Secret to Building High-Performance Sales Teams

You have the best sales team, the latest technology, information, and education, yet only 53% of sales representatives are meeting or exceeding their quotas.

The one piece most sales leaders neglect is hiring for and developing Emotional Intelligence skills.

Learn how emotional intelligence and the developing critical soft skills required for relationship-building outperform yet more sales technology and fad techniques.

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Connect with Customers and Get Results

In Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, you'll learn how to increase impulse control for better questioning and listening, which EI skills are related to likability and trust, how empathy leads to bigger sales conversations and more effective solutions, how emotional intelligence can improve prospecting efforts, which EI skills are most common among top sales producers, and much more. Customers can get product information and price comparisons online. The true differentiator between you and a bot is your ability to deftly solve problems and build relationships. From business development to closing the deal, emotional intelligence will drive your performance - and your success.

Get Your Free EQ Assessment

Improve Hard Sales Results by Taking this Free Online Sales EQ Assessment.

Top sales performers know how to read and respond to the “emotional temperature” of others. Improve your emotional intelligence skills and you will improve hard sales results. (Don’t be the smartest person in the room that no one likes.)

Take this free assessment to get insight into improving key emotional intelligence skills such as impulse control, empathy and emotion management.


Sales Management

CREATING Effective Role-Plays & Practice Sets

One of the most difficult challenges that sales managers face in leading their sales team is
transferring the knowledge, habits and skills that made them a top producer. Without this
ability, the sales manager is stuck filling the role of top prospector AND closer for their

This eBook gives Sales Managers the tools they need to build and strengthen their teaching and coaching skills, so they can develop a high-performance sales team and scale revenues.

Hiring Top Sales Talent


Hiring top salespeople is one of the more challenging aspects of a CEO or sales manager’s job. We all know the cost of a bad hire: missed sales goals, company reputation with clients and wasted time and money.

Companies have systems and processes for accounting, shipping, marketing or development. They don’t have a well-defined system for hiring salespeople. Stop relying on the hope, wing it or “gut” hiring strategy.

Create a hiring system, a hiring playbook for your sales organization.

Emotional Intelligence and Likeability

We live in a high-tech world. Disruption abounds and change is a given. However, one principle of influence remains the same. People still buy from people they like. Top salespeople are likeable people and as a result, they enjoy more and easier sales.

I’ve seen more than one sales call blown in the first five minutes because a salesperson didn’t understand key principles of likeability. I’ve also observed sales managers failing in their leadership role because of their inability to build likeability and trust with members of their team.

Emotional intelligence skills are key in building likeability. Without these skills, salespeople and sales mangers miss the emotional clues occurring in meetings and conversations.

Elevate Your Elevator Pitch – Stop Looking And Sounding Like Your Competition

An elevator pitch, value proposition, 30 second commercial is the conversation starter. And how you start a conversation determines if you will be treated as a trusted advisor, partner or just another transactional vendor.

Salespeople often end up in “what’s your best price” conversations because they haven’t learned key principles in designing elevator pitches/value propositions that set them apart in an increasingly commoditized world.

It's time to change the sales conversation!

What’s Your Sales EQ?

Most salespeople know what to do. However, in difficult selling situations, they allow emotions to start running the meeting rather than effective selling and communication skills. Learn how to bridge the knowing and doing gap. Learn how soft skills produce hard sales results.

Most books written about sales recycle the same old tips on how sales professionals can improve their pitches and closing tactics. But if knowing these sales techniques is all it takes to be successful, why do so many salespeople ultimately fail?

The biggest reason for failure is that salespeople rarely understand or are taught how emotional intelligence skills positively impact success in business: the ability to empathize with prospects, to remain cool when hot buttons are triggered, and to be assertive—asking for what you need in order to create win-win business relationships. When it comes to sales, emotional intelligence skills are every bit as important as hard sales skills.

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