Prospecting Warm Up to Cold Calls – Sales Training

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You have a superior product, best solution and creative ideas. Guess what? If no one knows about you or your company, it just doesn't matter.

Great sales teams have a business development strategy: cold calling, referral partners, networking, associations, seminars, trade shows and sponsorships. We help you put together the best strategy for your sales organization and teach you the sales skills to make sure your contacts convert to qualified appointments. Call SalesLeadership at 303-708-1128 today to get started.

Warm Up Your Cold Calls

It's not who you know. It's who you contact.

Strong business development skills are the key to any successful sales organization. Our proven prospecting program ensures your sales team has a sales pipeline full of qualified leads.

Most salespeople find all sorts of excuses for not making cold/warm calls. And who can blame them? Most have never learned how to warm up a cold call or qualify/disqualify prospects who are not your best fit client.

SalesLeadership's prospecting program 'Moving Contacts to Clients' teaches sales teams the 'art and science' of being more effective on the telephone.

Prospecting and Fun – Not an Oxymoron!

Our 'Moving Contacts to Clients' workshop is based on years of proven techniques and strategies that have worked for all types of companies, from the small business owner to Fortune 500 Companies. If you are making cold calls, warm calls or following up on referrals, you don't want to miss this workshop.


Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

  • Develop an effective prospecting script that creates urgency and interest for prospects to meet
  • Lower defenses on a cold call
  • Stop closing too soon for an appointment, resulting in cancellations, meeting with unqualified prospects or no shows
  • Walk away with a customized '30 second commercial' for each prospect and industry
  • Quit using commodity language such as quality and service
  • Overcome the objection of loyalty to existing salesperson or company
  • Better qualify and disqualify prospects

We practice what we preach and don't make recommendations without a face-to-face appointment or phone consultation. Please contact SalesLeadership through our website or call 303-708-1128 today. We are based in the Denver area and serve businesses throughout Colorado and nationwide.