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One Next Step Podcast with Colleen Stanley

In this episode hosted by Belay's CEO, Tricia Sciortino and COO, Lisa Zeeveld, we discuss how emotional intelligence and soft skills produce hard sales results. Learn how to build high-performing sales teams through… Read More

Scale Your Sales Podcast with guest Colleen Stanley

The buyer brings an issue and you immediately start solving the problem, and you didn't show a lick of empathy like, ‘Wow, that must be discouraging, or you must be feeling frustrated.’ It is empathy first, and then… Read More

In this podcast, Colleen and Jeremey Donovan, SalesLoft’s VP of Sales Strategy and self-proclaimed sales nerd, discuss the importance of a learning attitude, the key characteristics of emotional intelligence, and how… Read More

In episode 249, Colleen talks with Fred Diamond, president and founder of Institute of Excellence in Sales during the Creativity in Sales webinar, about the must have emotional intelligence attributes you need to… Read More

Colleen discusses the importance of emotional intelligence in sales leadership with Olivia Fuller, Editorial Manager at Sales Enablement Pro. Watch here.

Adapter's Advantage Podcast featuring Colleen Stanley

In this episode, Colleen discusses with Mark Magnacca, Allego Founder & CEO, how soft skills set many of the best salespeople apart from their peers, yet most companies don’t vet for them and get clobbered when… Read More

Colleen talks with Simon Haugh, The Growth Specialist, about being resilient in these pandemic times and connecting with clients and prospects with emotional intelligence. Listen here.

Hosts John Golden (Sales POP!) & Nikolaus Kimla (Pipeliner CRM) present this unique 90-minute live event focused on practical advice for how to best set up for the recovery from multiple… Read More

Same Side Selling Podcast with Guest Colleen Stanley

In this episode Colleen talks with Ian Altman, B2B Growth Expert, about the importance of emotional intelligence when looking to grow and train a successful sales team. Listen here.

Colleen Stanley joins host Rob Jeppsen on the podcast to talk about how empathy will help sales leaders connect with their sales teams in these difficult times. Real-world empathy means you understand what is really… Read More