Vision and Values

Denver-Based Leadership Development Available Nationwide


We accelerate trust, sales and client retention by creating emotionally intelligent sales cultures.

SLI works with senior leadership to create sales teams that want to:

  • Build off the chart relationships with clients, not 'vendor-ships.' We help clients avoid the quick race to zero that happens with transactional business.
  • Practice competition and collaboration. It takes a sales village to win in today’s competitive environment.
  • Manage results not excuses. Emotionally intelligent sales teams embrace responsibility, accountability and execution.
  • Improve emotion management – even in the toughest selling situations. Soft skills do produce hard sales results.
  • Develop Sales IQ and Sales EQ. The result is more closed business, in less time, with the right customers.


Our culture of Emotional Intelligence consists of the following Values:

  1. Client-focused partnerships
  2. Continuous improvement
  3. Accountability & ownership thinking
  4. Integrity – "Do the right thing”
  5. Prosperity & humility
  6. Teamwork & collaboration
  7. Hit the sales quota & the fun quota
  8. Generosity & reciprocity

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