Rick Shaum - Facilitator, Coach and Consultant

Denver-Based Sales Leadership Development Available Nationwide

Rick Shaum - Facilitator, Coach and Consultant

Rick Shaum’s sales training and coaching practice is built on the foundation of solid corporate business experience spanning several decades, where he established a solid reputation as a results-oriented personal producer, executive leader and developmental coach.

Prior to working as a trainer and coach full-time, Rick served as SVP – Sales and Marketing for a Canadian-based private equity portfolio company in the travel industry. As SVP – Sales and Marketing, he was responsible for an international sales and marketing effort that developed more than five thousand client relationships in more than fifty countries.

Rick’s diverse business background has resulted in direct sales experience in a variety of industries, including advertising, directory publishing, real estate, printing, office machines, training, consulting and financial services. He "speaks the language of the C-Suite" and is able to coach both sales producers and sales executives.

Rick earned a Bachelor’s degree in Religion & Psychology from Vanguard University in southern California and his Master’s degree in Speech Communication from the University of New Mexico.

When Rick isn’t training and coaching, he enjoys reading, softball and skiing.