Julie Points - Sales Development Manager

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Julie Points - Sales Development Manager

Julie Points joined SalesLeadership in the summer of 2014 as our Business Manager. She has a diverse background which started in Lenexa, KS, working for a leading custom decorated apparel company. Increased responsibilities led her to start-up operations in Iowa and ultimately Texas, where she was promoted to Warehouse Manager for their Southwest Operations. With Julie's contributions, those facilities were recognized as the company's low-cost provider.

After traveling to Colorado for family trips since childhood, her lifelong dream of living in Colorado came true in July 2013.

Her experience as an Office Manager in manufacturing and a Client Partner in the travel industry has been an asset to SalesLeadership in coordinating the various events that happen throughout the year. Preparing travel, training documents, and filming events along with Social Media Marketing are just a few of the duties Julie has taken on.

Julie hits the Fun Quota and takes advantage of the Colorado great outdoors with her husband by skiing, camping, and hiking with their Golden Retriever, Sheldon. She enjoys entertaining at home and looks forward to doing more of that in the upcoming months!