May 7

Now What?


The world is re-opening, and so are many businesses.


Many companies will appear to be open. The lights are on. The doors are unlocked but they are really not open for business.


Because they are stuck.

They haven’t accepted the reality of the “new normal.”

They keep looking back, wishing for the good old days rather than creating the good new days, the future. 

Sales leaders also are challenged to make sure their salespeople are looking forward, not backwards. This is a great time to examine everything and ask: 

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What do we need to let go of?
  • What do we sell?
  • How do we sell?

And to whom do we sell?

I’m having a lot of conversations with CEOs and sales managers. Many are finding that their targets -- their ideal client profiles -- have changed since the pandemic began.

They are not just talking about the demographics of their ideal client, i.e. size, industry, location and number of employees. They recognize that the psychographics of prospects and customers they target are equally important for their current and future success. These psychographics include variables such as personality, attitude and values. 

The sales teams that are setting up positive futures are targeting clients who are:

  • Focused on creating the good new days. They are NOT waiting for things to happen---they are making them happen.
  • Innovative and willing to take risks, even in a business climate where it’s hard to take risks. This type of client will try new ways of marketing, new ways of delivering services and new channels for sales.
  • The best clients don’t have a high need to be the smartest person in the room. They value brainstorming and co-creation of solutions.

So be progressive in your thinking; it will give you an edge as the economy comes roaring back. It’s OK to miss the former way of doing things and to incorporate some of those still-valid habits into your sales routine. But for a better advantage, focus on creating the good new days, be willing to take risks and don’t be afraid to share the credit.

Good Selling!


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