April 9

Is Self-Absorption Affecting Sales Success?


Is it possible that living in a selfie society is affecting sales results? Sales success? You know, that insatiable desire to take a picture of yourself -- regardless of what you’re doing -- and immediately post it on all the social media channels. The goal is to make sure everyone knows just how cool and successful you are. 

This self-absorption can adversely affect your prospecting and sales efforts because the best salespeople are other-absorbed, not self-absorbed. They practice the mantra:

It is all about you.

In working with some of the top salespeople in the world, I’ve noticed they are obsessive about others, their prospects and customers. They are always thinking and wondering:

  • What challenges and problems are my prospects having and how can my product solve those problems?
  • What are the new demands being generated by my prospects and customers? How can my services help them meet those demands?
  • What is really keeping my prospects and customers up at night? Are they suffering from imposter syndrome, worried if they’ve got what it takes to succeed in a business world that is changing every three months?

The best salespeople are other-absorbed, not self-absorbed, and you can tell it by their marketing messages and sales conversations.

Self-absorbed salespeople and companies talk about what they do, not the problems they solve for clients. Here’s a quick example from a website I recently visited. “Our certified technicians are at the top of their field and continually receive training and education to improve their knowledge and skill base.” 

OK, I get that you have smart people working for you. How does their knowledge help me with my specific challenges? 

Look at your sales and marketing collateral. Listen to prospecting calls, sales calls. What do the content and conversations say about your sales team’s focus? 

Are you a self-absorbed or other-absorbed sales organization?

Good Selling!


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