January 9

Is it Time to Marie Kondo Your Sales?


Marie Kondo is the author of the best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Her revolutionary six-step approach has been credited with helping thousands of people declutter their lives, and become less stressed and happier. 

Many people think her process is only about tidying up. But it's really about discarding items that lack value. That is a great strategy that sales organizations can and should apply to kick off a great year. 

Kondo’s advice to clients is to look at everything that is cluttering up their closets and homes, and ask,  “Does this spark joy?”

Look at your sales process and approach. Ask yourself: Does this spark joy?  For example, examine:

1) Does your sales pipeline spark joy? Look at every prospect in your sales-pipeline closet. Does this prospect bring you joy? Is the prospect treating you like a partner or a transactional vendor? Is the prospect open to collaborating with you, allowing you access to other decision makers? Or are they trying to beat you up on price and make you guess at the right solutions? If it’s the latter, clean out the sales pipeline closet to make room for better, qualified opportunities. 

There is no joy in working with prospects that don’t value you or your expertise. There is no joy in trying to sell to prospects that are never going to buy.

2) Do your sales colleagues spark joy? Take a closer look at the friends you are hanging around with. Is there anyone in your friend closet that is creating clutter in your life and your mind? Is your closet filled with colleagues that inspire, challenge and help you do better? Or is your closet filled with people that complain and whine about their boss, their territory, the company’s pricing and/or lack of marketing materials?

Complainers are similar to moths in a closet that start eating away at clothing. Complainers and excuse makers start eating away at your good attitude. And before you know it, you are joining them at their daily pity parties.

There is no joy in hanging around salespeople that look for a reason to complain, whine and blame.   


There is no joy in hanging around people that bring you down versus lift you up.


Is it Time to Marie Kondo Your Sales?

Good Selling!


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