August 30

Is It Time To Bring Your Customer Into The Monday Morning Sales Meeting?


I recently worked with a terrific client at their national sales meeting. Much of the conversation at the conference focused on ways to add value to their clients and prospects. Many great ideas, however, one made me laugh out loud and…think.

One of the sales managers shared that he had created a life size, cardboard cutout that looked like the company’s typical customer. This “customer” is carried into every meeting, with the goal of helping his sales team focus on the right things to improve their customer’s and prospect’s lives. I can only imagine what some of the conversations sound like during these meetings.

“Hey, Melinda, we think this new product or service will really add value. But you’re the customer…does it add value or are we just falling in love with our own press?” “Pete, we believe we deliver exceptional customer service, but you’re the customer---what do you think?”

Hearing this idea made me wonder what else sales organizations can and should do to keep visual reminders of their customers front and center. Perhaps they could:

  • Replace beautiful artwork with even more beautiful artwork: Pictures of happy clients using their products and services.
  • Create a wall filled with letters from customers describing how the company’s products, services and client care have made a difference in their business.
  • Replace the logo on company coffee mugs with different verbiage: What have you/we done today to add value to our customers?

Sales managers and CEO’s, is it time to bring your customers into the Monday morning sales meeting?

Good Selling!


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