February 3

2 Ways To Increase Sales Productivity and Sales Results


Increase sales productivity on your team and you will dramatically improve your team's ability to achieve sales goals. As a sales manager, you have probably heard one of the following statements from your sales team.  

“It’s the end of the day and I didn’t get through half the things on my to-do list.”

“I feel like I’m working hard but still not achieving my sales metrics or goals.”

“At the end of the day, I’m exhausted, leaving no energy for my family or anything else.” 

It’s time to teach time management. 

One of the key reasons is because in tough economic times prospects expect salespeople to do better and be better. This requires an investment of time in order to be viewed as a value-added provider.

  • It takes time to think and create compelling sales messaging that is updated and relevant.
  • It takes time to pre-call plan thoughtful and engaging sales meetings.
  • It takes time to play the long game of sales, where there isn’t a lot of quick and easy sales.

But here is the reality. Time management is not a new, revolutionary concept.

Increase sales productivity and sales results.

However, way too many salespeople still don’t take time to plan their time. They don’t take time to calendar block OR honor the time blocked on their calendar.


FOMO. The fear of missing out pulls them from thoughtful, productive work to instant gratification work. Salespeople are well intended and schedule time for deeper work. And then FOMO appears. Instead of staying on task, they multi-task responding to texts, email, slack, voicemails or drop in visitors. 

The research is clear. Multi-tasking lowers the quality of work due to something called attentional residue. As people switch from task to task, part of their attention is still on the last task. This interferes with a salesperson ability to engage in quality work. You know the kind of work that attracts new business and retains good clients.  

So how do you improve sales productivity on your team? Here are 2 ways to increase sales productivity and sales.

#1 way to improve sales productivity

Remind your sales team that discipline is over rated. Instead of trying to ignore distractions, teach your sales team the importance of creating work environments that diminish the pull of FOMO. Eliminate distractions.

  • Turn off computer alerts.
  • Put your smart phone (which at this point should be called a dumb phone) out of line of sight.
  • Close your office door with a do not disturb sign. This works for virtual and corporate offices.

#2 way to improve sales productivity

During one-on-one coaching sessions, review personal and professional goals. Don’t make goal setting a “one and done” activity. When a person consistently sees their goals and is reminded of why those goals are important, it helps them plan and guard the time on their calendar needed to achieve those goals.

It’s time to teach time management. Increase your team's sales productivity and you will increase sales.

Good Selling!


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