5 Ways CEOs Screw Up the Sales Function

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Colleen Stanley speaking at CEO sales training seminarYup, it's true. The CEO or business owner might well be the culprit for slow or stagnant growth. Discover why your organizations 'blind side' is you.

This presentation is designed for entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners looking to accelerate profitable growth.

Colleen's expertise is real world from her years of working for a small company that is now the largest in the world in their industry and working with hundreds of sales organizations that have successfully scaled revenues. Get ready to have sales myths, old paradigms and outdated approaches to growth exposed and disposed!

Sales Training for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business OwnersKey Learnings:

  • Why your sales infrastructure is stagnating sales and not scaling growth.
  • Eliminate dart board, generic, one size fits all quotas that encourage mediocrity.
  • Turnover is good – especially if you've got the wrong people driving and sitting on the sales bus.
  • Why EQ matters in sales and leadership. Are you the smartest guy in the room – that no one likes?
  • The power of a sales playbook. You can't manage 10 different sales playbooks.

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