Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success

Sales Team Training to Master the Soft Skills that Deliver Hard Sales Results

Is Your Sales Team Struggling, Even After Learning a Proven Sales Methodology

It's Time to Bridge the "Knowing-Doing Gap"

So, your sales organization has adopted a sales methodology, and while the sales training is very good, the members of your team are not consistently or effectively applying the selling skills or behaviors. Sound familiar?

It’s not the sales manager or sales trainer. It’s not the content.

It is lack of focus and development of the soft skills needed to produce hard sales results. In other words, it's the "Knowing-Doing Gap."

Emotional Intelligence Skill Training Will Bridge the Knowing-Doing Gap

When it Comes to Filling Your Sales Pipeline

Your Sales Team Knows...

Your company has identified its ideal client profile.

Yet, Members of Your Team...

Put opportunities into the sales funnel that aren’t qualified.

Bridge the Gap By...

Training around reality testing and assertiveness bridges this execution gap.

When it Comes to Sales Discovery

Your Sales Team Knows...

And has learned how to perform an effective discovery.

Yet, Members of Your Team...

Are still talking too much and listening too little.

Bridge the Gap By...

Providing education around how to improve self-awareness and impulse control.

When it Comes to Selling on Value Over Price

Your Sales Team Knows...

Your company sells on value, and not price.

Yet, Members of Your Team...

Continue to discount too soon and too often.

Bridge the Gap By...

Providing education around improved self-awareness and impulse control.

Introducing Our Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success Sales Team EQ Training Program

Our Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success program augments any sales training program. We work with you on identifying specific soft skills, EQ skills, your team needs to develop. The result is your sales team is equipped with 100 percent of the skills needed to win and retain business.

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Prospecting

Prospecting and Emotional Intelligence Skills

When our emotions get the best of us, the act of prospecting can become an emotionally draining necessity. Building EI skills can dramatically improve your prospecting results by transforming it into an exercise that motivates you to perform at your best.  

You'll Develop these Key Soft-Selling Skills:

  • Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Delayed Gratification
  • Resiliency and "Bounce-Back" 
  • Empathy
Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Likability

Likeability and Emotional Intelligence Skills

Stop blowing the sales call in the first five minutes of the call. The truth is emotions affect everyone’s decision process, making strong relationships a key factor to success in sales. Simply put, the more likeable you are the more successful you will be in sales.

You'll Develop these Key Soft-Selling Skills:

  • Positive Emotional Expression
  • Practice Empathy
  • Show Your Genuine Self
  • Balance Your Emotions
Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Discovery

Discovery and Needs Analysis

Avoid product dumping and “verbal vomiting.” Uncovering customer needs through the discovery process is essential for making deep connections. The proper execution of the discovery and needs analysis process will pave the way towards establishing a strong bond between you and your customers which will be beneficial for both.

You'll Develop these Key Soft-Selling Skills:

  • Problem Solving
  • Impulse Control
  • Reality Testing
  • Assertiveness
Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Investment

Decision and Investment

Salespeople are taught to identify and meet with all the buying influences in order to uncover each buyers goals and commitment to invest with your company. However, many salespeople lack the confidence to hold effective conversations with “big titles and big offices.” As a result, they end up writing “practice proposals” because they continue to meet with buyers that can say NO, but don’t have the authority to say YES.

You'll Develop these Key Soft-Selling Skills:

  • Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Assertiveness
  • Reality Testing and Optimism
  • Empathy

Sales Leadership EQ Training Success Stories

"I can't recommend SalesLeadership enough! The first time I sent my sales team to this sales training workshop, we went from $5 million a year to $20 million a year. Guess what...I didn't need any help justifying this investment to our board! If you are in sales, and you can't figure out why the whole process feels gross, inauthentic, and less effective than it was 10 years ago, then your answer waits at this workshop."

Aaron Owens


"I have been selling technology consulting services for some time. Attending the SalesLeadership training helped me identify those "emotional" triggers in client conversations. It has particularly assisted me in avoiding practice proposals for clients that were NOT going to engage. I am having the best year attributing much to leveraging the Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success principles!"

Bob Lindquist


I had the pleasure of attending SalesLeadership's Emotional Intelligence for Sale Success training. I was impressed by the quality of the trainer facilitating our workshop. He handled tough questions and selling situations - effortlessly. The program and great facilitation motivated a group of sales people to be better and stick to a proven selling process. SalesLeadership earn my highest recommendation."

Michael Jensen


Hi, I'm Colleen Stanley.

Most companies invest thousands of dollars each year in the hopes that their sales team will learn the skills they need to effectively produce sustainable sales results. The problem is simply focusing on learning "selling skills” rarely delivers.

The reality is, most sales training does not incorporate the necessary soft skills required to excel. When a sales team struggles with low emotional intelligence they have a very difficult time successfully executing the hard selling skills they’ve been taught.

At SalesLeadership, Inc. we understand how critical emotional intelligence is to sales success which is why our training programs deliver the strategies required to enhance your soft sales skills proven to achieve hard sales results.