Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Denver-Based Sales Leadership Development Available Nationwide

One of our most requested keynotes is based on Colleen’s best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success, now published in six languages. This enlightening and entertaining keynote takes a deep dive in helping participants understand how soft skills, EQ skills, produce hard sales results.     

Participants experience many ‘duh---now, I get it’ moments as they learn how the typical approach to sales and sales development leads to status quo sales results. The reality is we live in the information age, however, are still running into the same challenges we did 25 years ago in sales. It’s time for a new perspective, it’s time to learn and leverage the power of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success - The Four E's of Success

Key Learnings:  

  • Emotion Management – Stop the trigger-response-regret loop. Avoid defaulting to fight or flight responses in difficult sales conversations.  Discover how salespeople conduct sales conversation that create fight or flight responses in prospects and customers. 
  • Emotional Self-Awareness – Discover how this mega skill impacts sales results. ‘That which you are not aware of you cannot change.’ Stop running on the sales treadmill---to nowhere.
  • Empathy – Elevate the sales conversation by tuning into the real sales conversation, the one that is often not being verbalized. Stop holding generic, superficial conversations with prospects and clients.  Develop the deep connection skills that result in real conversations and real sales results. 
  • Execution – Build competitive and collaborative sales teams. The competition is outside the building---not inside the building. It takes a sales village to win in today’s competitive business environment. 

Call 303-708-1128 today and book Colleen for your next sales kick-off. It's time for a new perspective in sales. It's time to incorporate emotional intelligence into your sales organization.