Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Denver-Based Sales Leadership Development Available Nationwide

This rich keynote, based on Colleen’s best-selling book of the same title (now published in six languages), explores the neuroscience and psychology behind effective selling. There are many "duh — now I understand" moments when the audience discovers how their typical sales approach creates status quo decisions or sends prospects and customers right to their competition.

Powerful learning AND CHANGE occurs as sales teams learn the importance of self-awareness, empathy, assertiveness and impulse control. Soft skills do produce hard sales results.  

Key Learnings:

  • Emotion management: Stop the trigger, response, regret loop!
  • Empathy: Avoid generic empathy and elevate the sales conversation and sales results. 
  • Create competitive and collaborative sales cultures: The competition is outside the building, not inside the building.

Find out how the principles of emotional intelligence can benefit your sales team by calling 303-708-1128 or contacting SalesLeadership, Inc. through our website today. Colleen is available for speaking engagements and training seminars throughout the Denver area, nationally and internationally.