Emotional Intelligence For Sales Management Success

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Very Innovative Thinking and Concepts "We engaged Colleen Stanley to speak to our sales managers on using emotional intelligence to more effectively lead their teams through change. She is very inspiring and engaging and helped our sales managers understand how soft skills, such as empathy, will help them influence their teams to embrace, rather than resist change." Valeria Dosi, HR Management and Development, Bosch Rexroth

Sales organizations face more pressure and competition than ever before.  Competition is local, national and international.  The information age allows competitors to play the copy cat game quickly.  And, many industries are facing the “Amazon Affect” requiring sales organizations to dramatically improve their value and engagement with prospects and clients.

The best sales organizations are led by sales leaders that understand the importance of integrating emotional intelligence into their sales processes.  This integration builds sales organizations that thrive in adversity, embrace change quickly and connect with prospects and customers on a deeper level.

Key Learnings:

  • Develop your sales team’s emotional self-awareness. “That which you are not aware of you cannot change.”  Stop repeating the same selling mistakes by improving self-awareness and other awareness. 
  • Create sales cultures that embrace feedback. Eliminate defensive behaviors during coaching sessions.  Develop sales teams that fail fast, fail well and immediately apply valuable lessons learned. 
  • Improve your sales team's ability to demonstrate the powerful influence skill of empathy. Discover how to emotionally connect with prospects and customers to elevate the sales conversation and sales results.  Stop running generic, superficial sales meetings, ones that miss the non-verbal communication clues that change the outcome of sales meetings. 
  • Improve your sales team’s ability to focus. Avoid the pitfalls of FOMO, (fear of missing out) and wasted time. Gain 20 hours back in your sales team's calendars. 
  • Discover tools for decreasing stress and increasing sales productivity. Stop being paralyzed by setbacks and adversity. 

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