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Our next Take the Lead Sales Management Program will be scheduled in 2021 - stay tuned! Call 303-708-1128 for more information or email colleen@salesleadershipdevelopment.com.

COVID-19 has created the perfect storm for many businesses and new challenges for sales leaders. Sales teams are challenged in making the many pivots and change in order to be successful in the “new normal.”

  • Learning how to effectively sell in a virtual environment and wondering if they can be as successful as they were in face to face meetings.
  • Scrambling to master new selling skills in order to sell into new verticals and decision makers.
  • Needing to develop emotional intelligence skills in order to connect with prospects and customers that are in “crisis brain”, overwhelmed with managing their customers and their teams.




Today’s sales leaders must possess the soft skills, emotional intelligence skills and the hard skills, training and coaching skills, to lead their teams through these challenging times.

Our Ei Sales Management Program, Take The Lead, is a powerful course that teaches you how to build resilient, proactive, no excuses, emotionally intelligent sales teams.

Who Attends Our Sales Management Courses?

Our clients are smart, continuous learners and…humble. Titles vary from CEOs managing a small team to Vice-Presidents of Sales and Sales Directors. The titles vary but the goals do not: Create healthy, productive, successful sales teams.

Why Attend?

In a world where it’s tempting to take a time-out, our clients know it’s TIME TO ACT. Leading in the new normal requires evaluating, up-leveling and improving your sales training and coaching skills.

Call 303-708-1128 or email team@salesleadershipdevelopment.com to learn more about our ‘Take The Lead’ programs. #WeAreHereToHelp