What’s Your Sales EQ?

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Most salespeople know what to do. However, in difficult selling situations, they allow emotions to start running the meeting rather than effective selling and communication skills. Learn how to bridge the knowing and doing gap. Learn how soft skills produce hard sales results.

Most books written about sales recycle the same old tips on how sales professionals can improve their pitches and closing tactics. But if knowing these sales techniques is all it takes to be successful, why do so many salespeople ultimately fail?

The biggest reason for failure is that salespeople rarely understand or are taught how emotional intelligence skills positively impact success in business: the ability to empathize with prospects, to remain cool when hot buttons are triggered, and to be assertive—asking for what you need in order to create win-win business relationships. When it comes to sales, emotional intelligence skills are every bit as important as hard sales skills.

Key Learnings:

  • The neuroscience of effective selling - avoid fight or flight responses when meeting with challenging prospects and clients
  • Discover how increased emotional self-awareness decreases selling mistakes
  • Bridge the knowing and doing gap to achieve consistent sales results

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