Hiring Top Sales Talent – “Higher Expectations”

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Hiring top salespeople is one of the more challenging aspects of a CEO or sales manager’s job.  We all know the cost of a bad hire:  missed sales goals, company reputation with clients and wasted time and money.

Companies have systems and processes for accounting, shipping, marketing or development.  They don’t have a well-defined system for hiring salespeople.  Stop relying on the hope, wing it or “gut” hiring strategy. 

Create a hiring system, a hiring playbook for your sales organization.

Key Learnings:

  • Avoid the top three hiring mistakes made by sales organizations
  • Identify both the hard-selling skills and emotional intelligence skills needed for sales success at your company
  • Answer the question – do you need a hunter or account manager
  • Discover why past success doesn’t guarantee future success at your company
  • Eliminate culture misfits – get clear on your core values

Get the right people on your sales bus!

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