Emotional Intelligence and Likeability

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We live in a high-tech world.  Disruption abounds and change is a given.  However, one principle of influence remains the same.  People still buy from people they like.  Top salespeople are likeable people and as a result, they enjoy more and easier sales.

I’ve seen more than one sales call blown in the first five minutes because a salesperson didn’t understand key principles of likeability.  I’ve also observed sales managers failing in their leadership role because of their inability to build likeability and trust with members of their team. 

Emotional intelligence skills are key in building likeability.  Without these skills, salespeople and sales mangers miss the emotional clues occurring in meetings and conversations.

Key learnings:

  • Discover how and why empathy is the foundational skill for improving likeability
  • Learn the power of focus and paying attention in building trust and rapport
  • Improve self-regard and decrease self-focus. It’s not about you…..

Get likeable. Improve your Sales EQ!

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