Elevate Your Elevator Pitch – Stop Looking And Sounding Like Your Competition

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An elevator pitch, value proposition, 30 second commercial is the conversation starter.  And how you start a conversation determines if you will be treated as a trusted advisor, partner or just another transactional vendor. 

Salespeople often end up in “what’s your best price” conversations because they haven’t learned key principles in designing elevator pitches/value propositions that set them apart in an increasingly commoditized world.  


Key Learnings:

  • No one cares about what you do---focus on your customer
  • Sell to the real buyer – your prospect’s reptilian brain
  • Avoid generic, one-size-fits-all value propositions
  • Eliminate the stutter step, u..m.m.m. ’s and “we do” language when delivering your elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch/value proposition is the selling tool that creates an emotional connection with your potential buyers.  Let’s get the right conversations started!

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