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November 7, 2019

Do You Have a Generic Prospecting Approach?

We’ve all heard that prospects want to feel valued and special. It’s a basic human need. So why do so many sales organizations use a generic, one-size-fits-all approach when reaching out to prospects? 

Because it’s easy, doesn’t take a lot of effort or the sales teams simply don’t know the value of customizing their prospecting outreaches.

You’ve probably been the recipient of generic outreaches. I’ve received voicemails, emails or LinkedIn messages that show the salesperson did not take the time to research my company and craft a value proposition that demonstrated “I get you,” and understand your business goals and challenges.

Generic prospecting approaches never have worked. And in a global business environment, they really don’t work because today’s buyer has lots of choices and will choose to only buy from a salesperson that shows they’ve done their homework. 

Avoid looking and sounding like a generic, canned, nonrelevant salesperson. Customize your value propositions, because they are the conversation starters.  How you start the conversation determines how the conversation will progress.

If a salesperson deploys generic value propositions, he quickly ends up in the no-response, delete or not-interested bucket.

Apply the EQ skill of delayed gratification and create customized value propositions for:  

  • Each buying Influence in an organization. A CFO’s pain is different than that felt by the director of human resources. Customize.
  • The industry – The problems your solution solves for health care prospects, the value proposition, must sound different than the value proposition you present to construction prospects. Customize.
  • Trigger events – Changes in personnel, legislation or competitor activity creates a great opportunity to show differentiation and expertise. Customize.
  • Future trends – Your prospect may not have a current pain, but is worried about the future. Progressive prospects look to the future and try to figure out ways to stay ahead of the competition and changing market dynamics. Customize. 
  • Existing competitor – A well-crafted value proposition points out gaps in an incumbent’s products and services, without ever mentioning the competition’s name. Customize.
  • Lines of business – Even existing customers need to be reminded of the problems a new service will solve for them. Customize.

Avoid the trap of generic, canned, prospecting messages  and customize your value propositions. Remember, how you start a conversation determines how it will progress.

Good Selling!

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