September 3

Do This to Improve Your Remote Sales Management Skills


Many sales managers today ask: How can I be as effective in managing a remote sales team as I was in managing a sales team that I used to see in the office or face to face during coaching conversations?

The answer is yes you can---if you apply emotional self-awareness and ask yourself this question: 

Am I practicing what I preach?

Good sales managers are always stressing to their sales team the importance of making every interaction with prospects and customers one of high value. They teach and preach their sellers to avoid the old “just-checking-in” approach when connecting with customers. 

This same principle applies to effective sales leadership and sales coaching. After each sales coaching conversation, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Did I impart knowledge to my salesperson that will help him/her become more of an industry expert? A trusted advisor?
  2. Was I able to help my salesperson learn and improve a selling skill that will help them win more business with the right customers?
  3. Did I say or do something to help my seller to be more confident by identifying and eliminating self-limiting beliefs or self-doubt?
  4. Is my salesperson more enthused about work and life after connecting with me today?
  5. Is my salesperson more motivated to help and service prospects and clients after meeting with me today?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then you are adding value to the coaching conversation. You have the skills needed to lead a sales team, in person or remote.

Are you practicing what you are preaching?

Good Selling!


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