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Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success

Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success BookOne of the biggest reasons for failure in sales is because salespeople rarely understand how emotional intelligence skills positively impact their success in business: the ability to empathize with prospects, remain cool when hot buttons are triggered and be assertive, asking for what you need in order to create win-win business relationships. When it comes to sales, emotional intelligence skills are every bit important as hard sales skills.

Often salespeople and know what to do, however, in tough selling situations, they let nonproductive emotions take over. They discount too soon, write practice proposals without proper qualification and continue to meet with non-decision makers. Their inability to execute the right selling behaviors under stressful situations lead to poor sales results. ORDER HERE

Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success is included in Top Sales Worlds Top 50 Sales Books of 2019.

NEW August 2019! Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success is included in the TalentLMS list of The 47 Best Sales Books For Your Career. The list contains some of the best sales books ever written, sales training books, sales management books, as well as the best books on sales skills and techniques.