August 31

Calling All Salespeople – Time to Step Up to Hurricane Harvey


I sat down to write a blog about sales management this week – but I couldn’t. Giving advice about building high-performance sales teams seemed trite in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

Instead, I’d like to encourage and invite all the great people in the sales profession to step up and help the many Harvey victims. The best salespeople I know are generous, caring, high-energy and smart. Let’s channel all of those attributes and apply the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

There are many ways to contribute and I encourage you to choose one or more to help our southern neighbors.

1. Share your commission check this month. There is an old saying: “It’s better to give than receive.” 

As a sales community, let’s step up and help others.

2. Clean out your closet and take clothing to the Red Cross. Half the clothes in your closet don’t fit, don’t look that good on you or haven’t been worn in the last year. I guarantee you that Harvey victims will cherish your hand-me-downs. (Or in this case, your hand-me-ups.)

3. As a sales organization, ask, “What can we do?” There are many companies stepping up to help out:

  • Chobani sent trucks with edible inventory.
  • Duracell is giving away free batteries.
  • Airbnb is offering free places to stay.
  • Wal-mart shipped 795 emergency truckloads of supplies.
  • Verizon pledged $10 million for relief efforts.
  • And the list goes on.

Sales professionals, l encourage you to step up and be the department or person that initiates action to help Harvey’s victims. At SalesLeadership, we are writing a check and cleaning out closets.

How about you? 


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