February 27

Buyers are Liars — NOT!


I recently listened to a salesperson explain why buyers are liars. As she presented her compelling arguments for this belief, it became clear why this seller wasn’t hitting her sales goals. 

What prospect in their right mind would enjoy meeting with a salesperson who thinks he’s a liar?

This skeptical attitude doesn’t create trust, rapport and all those wonderful things we tout in the selling profession.

Buyers are not liars. They are TIRED. And tired prospects feel like they are forced to give responses (lies) in an attempt to get rid of ineffective salespeople.

Buyers are tired of salespeople that are focused on achieving their quota rather than the right solution for the buyer. These salespeople are persistent and overcome any and all objections. 

  • So, a buyer tells the salesperson he needs to think it over. He is too tired to participate in the silly, overcoming-the-objection-dance.

Buyers are tired of meeting with salespeople that look and sound like robots. These sellers lack delayed-gratification skills and have not invested the hours needed to master the soft and hard skills required for meaningful sales conversations.

  • So, buyers tell salespeople their price is too high. (Even when they are willing to pay full margin.) They are too tired to invest one more minute of their precious time participating in this robo-sales call. They know that giving the good old “price is too high” objection will end the meeting quickly because the seller will blame her company’s pricing structure for the lost deal.

Buyers are tired of salespeople talking too much and listening too little.

  • So, the prospect with very tired ears tells the salesperson the timing isn’t right. (Even though the need to solve the business problem is urgent.) It’s kind of like breaking up. “It’s me; it’s not you.” This response finally gets the salesperson to quit talking, with a promise to follow up in the future.   

Prospects aren’t liars but they are tired of ineffective salespeople.

Good Selling!


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