May 3

Building a Strong Sales Culture Is Everyone’s Job


Sales leaders have the responsibility of establishing great sales cultures. Great leaders set the tone and environment for how their sales team members will interact with each other, prospects and clients. It’s up to them to create a great work environment. 

Or is it?

The reality is that creating a great sales culture is everyone’s responsibility. Without this attitude, it’s kind of like dating or being married to someone that thinks, “It’s your job to make me happy. I’m just here to take it all in.” 

Salespeople, if you want a great work environment, take responsibility and be an integral part of creating one. 

As Gandhi said so many years ago, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Apply the powerful skill of emotional self-awareness and take a look at yourself. Ask yourself how you are contributing to building a great sales culture at your company. 

  1. Are you consistent? Consistency is one quality of great sales leaders and salespeople. They are self-aware about how they show up to each interaction. Consistency builds trust because the consistent person is one you can count on to bring their A game to work every day — not just the days when the person feels like being an A player.  

Question: How consistent are you? 

  • Can your peers count on you to show up in a positive mood each day? Or, are you that salesperson that is in a positive mood only when the sales stars align? 
  • Can your sales manager count on you to execute consistent sales activity or conduct thoughtful sales conversations? Or, do you require a lot of hand holding? You know, the kind of behavior that creates a nagging sales culture, not a high-performance one. 
  1. Generosity – Teamwork is one pillar of great sales cultures. I have long preached that it takes a sales village to win in today’s competitive business environments. 

Question: How many of us are guilty of talking about the power of teamwork without demonstrating it?

  • Veteran salespeople, have you offered to take the new salesperson to lunch, or set up a conference call to see how you can help shorten and accelerate their success? You are a wealth of knowledge, so share your wisdom.
  • Young professionals, have you offered your time and expertise to show the veterans on your sales team how to master the new CRM system or social media selling tools? You’re a digital native -- share your wisdom. 

If you want great sales cultures, it starts with you.

Yes, company leaders can and should set the tone for great work environments. But remember, the most successful people don’t wait for life to happen. They make it happen. What are you waiting for? Make your sales environment one of the best places to work.

Start by ordering a copy of Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success for each person on your sales team. When you are a sales leader, your team looks to you for advice, encouragement, and congruency in your words and actions. Team members rely on you to reach and guide them to become the best that they can be.


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